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Friendship day is incomplete without a friendship bracelet or popularly known as friendship band. The day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August and this year, it will be celebrated on 6th August. If you thought that friendship bracelets are for kids, you should think again as cool friendship bracelets are still considered as the best friendship day gift. The best thing about friendship bracelets is that they are easily available and in a wide range. If you have little knowledge of art and craft, you can even make a friendship bracelet by yourself.

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Happy Friendship day quotes 2017

Happy friendship day wallpapers 2017

Cool Friendship Bracelets 2017

The market is full of different types of cool friendship bracelets. They are available in different size, colors, and size. Right from a gold friendship bracelet to a normal single thread bracelet, friendship bracelets are available in many price range. If you search, you can even get branded or theme based friendship bracelets easily. If you are low on budget or don’t have time to visit any store, you can easily make a friendship bracelet by yourself. You just need a few threads, a needle, a scissor, beads if you want and the Internet to take help from. You can also get your or your friend’s name stitched or printed on the bracelet.

Buy Friendship Bands 2017

There are many websites which allow you to buy friendship bands online. All you need to do is select and place an order. No need of getting out of the home or anything. Here are few websites where you can buy friendship bands:

  • Amazon: One of the most popular and useful e-commerce websites in the world is also the biggest place to buy friendship bands. You can get friendship bands at a cheaper price like $2. You can even filter the results to get that perfect friendship bracelet.
  • Aliexpress: It is one of the best places to find cheap friendship bracelets. If you have a large number of friends, you can buy friendship bracelets in bulk. It offers free shipping and cool discounts.
  • Alibaba: If you are planning to celebrate friendship day on a grand scale, you will need a lot of friendship bracelets and Alibaba serves as the best place for it. The site features friendship bracelets from all over the world and in many different designs. It even offers diamond bracelets if your budget allows you to buy one.
  • Ebay: This is yet another popular place to buy friendship bracelets. Since anyone can list their products on the websites there are high chances that you may get some creative and innovative friendship bracelets for your friends.

Cheap Friendship Bracelets

If you are very low on budget or if you want to add some efforts in your bracelet, you can make a paper friendship bracelet or can buy a simple band and add some art & craft to it. You can also take help of your sister or mother in making a cheap friendship bracelet from threads. You can use few beads, sparkle colors and ribbon to make your friendship bracelet more colorful and beautiful.

Don’t just drop the concept of friendship bracelet because you are not kids now. This friendship day brings the inner kid out and celebrate to the fullest. We wish you a very happy friendship day.

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  1. Umesh

    I am from Bangladesh. How can I order these items to my country? Do you have any alternative ways for buying them?

  2. Vineeth

    Seems a good collection. Is there any other source from where I can buy these bands at cheap price?!

  3. barani

    How long will they take to ship these friendship day bracelets?!

  4. Anshul

    Any site providing custom orders for friendship day bands or bracelets?


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