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December is right here, and Christmas is sure on its way. With the festival ringing in, we are sure you’d want to keep yourself up with the entire wishing game. So for all those midnight wishes, and far away friends and family, here we have for you a list of Christmas quotes and Christmas SMS’.

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|Christmas Quotes|

To start off with, let us have a look at a couple of Christmas quotes and messages you can send in to ring the festivity!

Christmas has been a festival of giving, and of sharing,

In your smiles, spread the bliss,

And with those gifts,

Let everyone feel the cheer.

Christmas is here,

And along with it,

It has got some cheer;

Let’s all make the most of it,

Spread warmth and some bliss!

In the year to come,

I hope you be showered with joy;

And your year start,

With a happy note and loads of smiles!

Christmas is here,

And it’s now time,

To celebrate with chocolates,

And candles and cakes;

It is now time,

To live and create a lot of joys!

Christmas brings us closer,

And gives a chance to celebrate,

Both joys, and sorrows, together!

It brings everyone in the name of festivity,

And leaves behind.

So many memories to forever cherish!

Let us all celebrate not just a new year,

But also, dreams and aspirations,

Feelings and emotions,

And, of course,

Joys and sorrows!

This year, let us all have the bliss of it all,


May the days in Christmas shine as the stars so high,

And your nights are as calm as the moon so bright;

May happiness overflow in your life,

And this Christmas, be filled with loads of smiles!

Christmas is not a festival,

Neither is it a season,

Christmas is a feeling,

That forever prevails.

With the candles,

And with those balloons,

With all those cakes,

And chocolates too,

Here’s me wishing,

A merry Christmas to you!

December it is!

The month of winter,

But, the time of warmth!

It is the time of cold winds,

And yet,

It spreads so much love!

Christmas is nothing but a miracle,

A miracle which brings in peace,

And loads of strength!

It creates wonders,

And, makes the year worth the while!

Wishing you a merry Christmas!

As divine as December is,

As pious and warmth,

As Christmas turns out to be!

As loved and celebrated the year remains,

It is, but,

The feeling that forever stays!

I hope with the new year,

You celebrate new joys.

And with the Christmas cheer,

You grow as high as the sky!

|Christmas SMS|

Quotes, and messages on Christmas are a must, aren’t they? So for all those 12 o’clock Christmas SMS’, here is your list!

Christmas is here,

And with it,

My message awaits you!

Wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Christmas is incomplete until the bells ring in,

And December is incomplete until my message meets yours!

Merry Christmas!

The most lit time of the year is here,

And, the happiest yet saddest too!

A new year,

And an old end,

That’s how Christmas feels rightly sinks in!

It’s not so Christmassy until messages ring in,

And the lights turn on!

It’s not Christmassy feels until your socks are hung up,

And gifts are all settled under!

Wishing you’re a merry Christmas!

Let the Christmas cheer sink in,

With this message,

Which is super lit;

Let us all welcome the new year,

With happiness and smiles all year!


|Christmas Poems|

Of all the things, poetry is yet another way to give a closure to Christmas days! Those Christmas carols or those short messages, here are some of those which you can sure sing through the day!


*It’s a merry Christmas*

Those lights twinkle on the Christmas tree,

And the star shines right on the top,

Christmas gifts all over at the bottom,

And the entire room,

Lights up with laughter and jitters!

The neighbourhood celebrates with lights and glitters,

And so do we,

With so many things to ponder!

Christmas bells are on the door,


The new year feels is already aboard!

Christmas is a time for cheer,

Let those old fears, now tear!

Live and laugh,

Love and celebrate!

For it is now time,

For a merry Christmas!


*Jingle bells*

Let the bells jingle all the way,

For Santa Claus is now here,

And is here to stay!

On winter nights,

When the skies are dark,

The Christmas tree,

Shines at par!

It’s time to play with the snow and glaze,

Let not the cheer fade!

Gray and blue,

Red and green,

All the colours so bright,

Spread happiness evergreen,

On this occasion,

Of Christmas day!


So that was about all the Christmas quotes and Christmas SMS! Use them up and make sure you send it out to your near and dear ones! Don’t miss out on this festivity, for it sure is going to be the best time of the year!

Until then, wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

sanchita jhunjhunwala
Quotes and Poems are authored by Sanchita Jhunjhunwala who is a Mass Media student, from   Mumbai, trying to make a name for herself in this big wide world.
Writing is what she lives for. The definition of her good day would be a couple of good reads, with some coffee in her own personal space. At the end of the day, words are all she wreathes.

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