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Father’s day is round the corner and the least all of us could do is to make them feel special with words; for they have a power like no other. This year, Father’s Day will fall on the 19th of June, which isn’t very far. Fathers are after all a girls first love and a boys first hero; the love and affection that they have for us is unmatched and of course unfathomable.


Here are some poems and quotes I penned down for all those people who wish to dedicate them to their Father’s!

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Father – Daughter Poems

*Because I am the apple of your eye*

You cry when I am hurt,
You cry when I do well,
You cry when I am born,
You cry when I leave,
Because I am the apple of your eye!

You smile in my happiness,
You smile in my success,
You smile in my presence,
You smile thinking of me in my absence,
Because I am the apple of your eye!

You live for my laughter,
You live for my life,
You live to see me flourish,
You live to take pride in me,
Because I am the apple of your eye!


You are my hero,
And my first love;
You are my knight who doesn’t need an armour,
Papa, you are your own kind of charmer.

You are my north star,
And nothing shall do us apart;
Wherever I go, your trace shall follow,
Without you papa, My life will turn hollow.

You are kind,
By strong forces of love, we bind;
Your faith and support is all I need,
To nothing else shall I ever pay heed.

You give strength to my dreams,
And with you, my face shall always beam;
To have a father like you, is indeed a blessing;
To be the daughter you take pride in is on what I am focusing.

Father – Son Poem

*My father, My superstar*

My father is my superstar,
He never gives up,
And always fights at par.

My father is my superstar,
He praises and punishes,
He loves and he scolds,
It is he who always upholds.

My father is my superstar,
He speaks less,
But does more;
He expresses rarely,
But his gestures speak a different story.

My Father is my superstar,
And I,
I am trying to be a superson of this superstar.

Poem for Father’s Day

*A forever blessing*

You, my dad, are a forever blessing for me,

In times of distress and of need,

It is you who leads the way,

In your presence, all the problems fly;

You, my dad, are a forever blessing for me.

You, my dad, are a forever blessing for me,

You give us hope,

You help us rise,

And you have turned us all carefree;

You, my dad, are a forever blessing for me.

You, my dad, are a forever blessing for me,

You are the answers to all our questions,

I am the lock,

And you are the key;

You, my dad, are a forever blessing for me.

*Daddy, I love thee!*

For all those sleepless nights you spent for me,
For all those extra shifts you worked for me,
For all those times you fulfilled my wishes in a jiffy,
Daddy, I love thee!

For all that you have given me,
For all that you have done for me,
For all that has been and shall ever be,
Daddy, I love thee!

For your never ending love,
For all your blessings and the hard words,
For being the best dad someone could ever be,
Daddy I love thee!

|Quotes |

Thank your father with these quotes!

Father – Daughter Quotes

In me, he posed all his faith,

In my dreams, he invested all he had;

While others said ‘daughters’ are a gift,

He proved it to me.

You were always soft on me,

Your words were always soothing,

And your love never ending;

Standards you have set so high,

I wonder will I ever find a perfect guy!

I have been the daddy’s little girl,

And I shall always be;

With each passing day,

I begin to love you more;

Oh daddy! There is so much that we are yet to explore!

Because papa you will always top my list,

Be it now when I am all yours,

Or later when I am married!

No matter how old I grow,

Or where I be.

My best man forever, only you will be!

You are the genie from the lamp,

You are the light in the dark,

Of all,

You are your daughter’s superstar!

Quotes on ‘I love you Dad’

I don’t say it often,

Or every once in a while,

Or every day,


When I do,

I could say it out loud,

I love you Dad.

Memories with you are as fresh as anew,

To those laughs and those joys, I shall never bid adieu;

Times spent with you are as deep as the sky,

No matter what, they shall only go high!

Old or young,

I shall forever Love you Dad.

Wherever I am,

It is because you are;

Whoever I am,

It is because you have been;

Whatever I become,

It is because you will be;

I am because you are,

I love you Dad.

Quotes on ‘The best Dad’

You know what makes you the best Dad?

It is the spirit you fill in me,

When you are down;

It is the joys you give me.

When you are low;

It is the love you spread;

Even when it is you who needs it the most!

You are the guide I shall forever need,

You are the support I will forever need,

You are the angel I shall never leave;

You are nothing short of the best Dad ever!

There is a father,

And then there is a dad;

There is a man,

And then there is a best man;

Then there is you,

The best dad!

Father-Son Quotes

You help me rise,

And you help me shine;

You have seen me through,

With you, it is like our own small crew.

I might not come and talk to you,

I might not express my love for you,

I might not go all gaga over you,


To be a son of yours,

Is and has always been a blessing.

And that was my way of expressing the feelings all of us have for our Fathers! What are you waiting for? Go send them your love right away! You could as well write something on your own!

To all the fathers, a very happy father’s day!

sanchita jhunjhunwala
Quotes and Poems are authored by Sanchita Jhunjhunwala who is a Mass Media student, from   Mumbai, trying to make a name for herself in this big wide world.
Writing is what she lives for. The definition of her good day would be a couple of good reads, with some coffee in her own personal space. At the end of the day, words are all she wreathes.

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