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Though Friendship Day is just another day, and though we don’t really need just one day to celebrate friendships; but, it is always overwhelming to dedicate one day for a vital part of all our lives. For we are, because friendships are!

All of us, have for once in our lives, confided into our friends, like they are our family. Some things after all, are solely meant to be discussed and cherished with friends. So, here’s to friendship – old, new, short, long or broken!

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*In you*

In you, I have posed all my faith,

With you I can get over all the wraith;

In you, I see my partner in crime,

For we have always had a good time;

In you, I can put all my trust,

Because when together, into laughter we burst;

In you, I have found a sister

The kind who is like relief to the blisters;

In you, I see my future bridesmaid,

For we, are going to be forever and never fade;

Of all,

In you, I see my best friend,

The kind who will with me, forever stand.

So, here’s wishing you a very Happy friendship day!

*A best friend like you*

I am indebted to my stars,

For letting me find for myself,

A best friend like you,

Who always fills up my scars.

I am forever thankful to life,

For bringing to me,

A best friend like you,

Who, with me, for my good strives!

I am lucky enough,

To have to myself,

A best friend like you,

Who, has always helped through times that are tough.

I am forever pleased,

To have with me,

A best friend like you,

Who, in my miseries too, doesn’t miss a chance to tease!

A best friend like you, is all I will ever need.

Happy friendship day best friend!


In your journey of life,

Friends made are less

While those lost are many.

Friends who care are rear,

But those who would like to see you tear are plenty;

Friends who shall be in good are less,

And those who in bad times stood even lesser;

Less of friends are for a life time,

And more of those who’s memories shall soon sublime;

Few are friends and heart,

While all of the others shall sooner or later depart!

So here’s wishing one such friend,

A very happy friendship day!

*To the friend*

To the friend who has by my side forever been,

To the friend who has been a part of my childhood an my teen,

To the friend who stood by me through thick and thin,

To the friend who has been my forever kin,

To the friend with whom time passed into the blue,

To the friend who has forever been true,

To the friend who is a part of me,

To the friend with whom of forever, I make a plea,

To the friend with whom things always turn okay,

Here’s wishing you,

A happy friendship day!


To another year of friendship,

And the never ending hardships;

To someone who has forever been by my side,

To our lows and highs like a tide;

Here’s wishing you,

A very happy friendship day from my side!

I understand when elders say we don’t need a day to remember all our friends,

I understand the fact that being in a friendship with someone is a wonderful feeling and should be celebrated every day,

But, how can I miss a chance when I’ll get this one day to keep everything aside and just think of you,

I take this day to miss you all, crazy or nerd, more or few,

A happy friendship day!

I have always needed someone in my hardships,

I have always needed someone to talk about my best day,

It is more like a routine,

And not just a formality,

And I take this day to tell you that you’re the only constant I have in my life.

Happy friendships day!

Some days, I was moody, some days I was crazy, some day I was mad and some days low,

You did everything but leave my side, you did everything that most people can’t,

You were there to understand,

I’m not sorry for anything I did to you because you kicked my butt every time I did that to you, duh!

For the friend I see in my dad for his wise advice, for the friend I see in my mom for caring the most, for the friend I see in my sister to always stand up for me and for the friend I see in my brother to protect me,

Happy Friendship Day,

Because if I see you in my friends, I also see my friends in you!

Days have been hard,

And life has been difficult,

But with you in it,

Even the storms have proved to be miracles!

So here is to our never ending love,

And a forever bond,

A very happy friendship day!

When things go wrong,

And nothing seems right,

When life is a mess,

And there seems to be no light,

It is you, yes you who brings me sunshine!

Happy friendship day to you!

Winnie and pooh,

Tom and Jerry,

Pumba and Timon,

Oswald and Vinnie,

They were all in pairs of two!

So here I am,

Wishing to you, a day for celebrating our duo,

A very happy friendship day!

So many people,

So many relations,

So many people,

But only one best friend,

And it is you!

Happy friendship day!

Thousand memories,

Million moments,

Hundreds of inside jokes,

And a lifetime of togetherness,

It all comes down to just one person,

And it is you!

Happy friendship day!

And these were some quotes and poems you could send into tour friends, relive, cherish and celebrate friendship with them! For these are the small little things shall never be outdated!

So this friendship day, let all your friends know how much they mean to you.

sanchita jhunjhunwala
Quotes and Poems are authored by Sanchita Jhunjhunwala who is a Mass Media student, from   Mumbai, trying to make a name for herself in this big wide world.
Writing is what she lives for. The definition of her good day would be a couple of good reads, with some coffee in her own personal space. At the end of the day, words are all she wreathes.

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