Friendship Day

Friendship Day is a day observed in the name of celebrating Friendships. It was in 1958 first that the idea of celebrating International Friendship Day was proposed. It started off in South American countries and has now spread over to various other parts of the world. The day is often celebrated on different dates in different places, with the prime aim of dedicating one day solely for friendships.

When is friendship day?

Most countries, celebrate Friendship day on the first Sunday of every August. This year, the first Sunday of August is dated 7th August 2016, and so, it marks the 7th of August as Friendship day.

Mark your calendars, and make your plans; let the old friendships get a new direction and help the new ones blossom better. Don’t forget to hand over some friendship day gifts to your peeps!

Why is Friendship day celebrated?

Sociology says human beings are social animals, and to survive, we need various relations to back us up. Among all the primary relations, friendship is another relationship which forms a vital part of all our lives.

Friends are like medicine to our wounds and the sky to the moon. They always are present with us, for us; at the right time and the right place. Friendships are indeed one of the purest relations that we as human beings cherish, and to dedicate one entire day for this relation, is indeed something beyond amazing.

Every day, we come across so many Friendship day quotes, friendship day poems, and friendship day images; but it is on this one day that they make a little extra sense. Though we don’t ever forget out friends, we simply take this day to let them know, that they are remembered. And so, friendship day is celebrated to remember those we never really forget!

Significance of friendship day

Friendship is one of the purest relations human being share. Friendships aren’t bonds of blood, but many of them are equivalent to blood relations. Some find a brother in their friends, while some find a sister in them; while others, just find someone they can confide into.

Beyond barriers, and above culture, friendships are the kind to be kept for forever. Old or new, strong or weak, friendships always manage to bring some courage to one and all. Here is why friendships and friendship day is an important day for all us at heart!

  • To connect and stay connected: There are friends who stay far, and there are also friends who stay close but are busy; Friendship day is one such day when all of us as individuals can take this day out to reconnect with people we don’t speak to quite often. While for friends we talk to on a daily basis, or at least once in a couple of days, it is just another reason for celebration!
  • Gifts and Celebrations: Who would mind getting some Friendship Day gifts followed by small celebrations at cafes or may be a day out? After all, it is these small little things that keep us all connected to friends and family!
  • Celebrate diversity: Friendship day is mostly an internationally claimed concept and when people all across the world celebrate a day, it doe somehow bring us close to each other, doesn’t it? Especially, given the current social media trends, days like Friendship day, Valentine’s Day, Fathers day, have gained momentum.
  • Spreading love and warmth: All those Friendship day quotes and poems, the friendship day images , give us a feeling of love and warmth, don’t they? When a friend from far sends you a friendship day quote, or when you see all those friendship day poems, it has a different kind of effect, doesn’t it?

And that is about it! You don’t always need a reason to celebrate people, or friends and friendships, do you? Friendship day is all about celebrations, about love, and happiness. Every once in a while all of us do need some time off with people we cherish, and if it has to be on a particular day on the calendar, who would mind?

Celebrate, relive, and cherish!

Friends are always treasure!

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