By | January 17, 2021

Every year on Valentine’s Day, we are as excited as ever! Because, on this day, we have someone to make us feel special, to make us feel loved. However, there was one such year when one of my friends was not as happy as all of us were!

My heart says it can’t stop loving you, and I beg you to listen to your heart too. I love you

Ex-Girlfriend a Gift for Valentine’s Day

We were in the final year of our college and like every other college going kid, Valentine’s Day excited us! We were all pepped up for the D-day with our new dresses, gifts, chocolates, dinner reservations, and all the other important preparations. However, what we failed to realize was that one of my friends was going through a tough phase. His girlfriend of three years suddenly broke off the relationship with him!

Let me tell you, they were the most popular couple in the college. It was a rear scene to catch them fighting or even arguing with each other. It’s not that they hadn’t gone through tough times however; they emerged victorious in all of them. On every Valentine’s Day from the past 3 years, my friend used to buy unique Valentine’s Day gifts for his girlfriend. There used be personalized gifts like flowers, personalized mugs, posters, chocolates, apart from amazing jewelry pieces.

This year however, as they had separated, my friend had lost interest in any of the preparations. Understanding his situation, we didn’t force him either. However, on Valentine’s Day eve, he came up with a strange idea. He mentioned sending across gifts to his ex-girlfriend! Shocked? We too were taken aback! Had this guy lost it? Was he feeling so lonely that he was seeking joy in sending across gifts to his ex-girlfriend?

As soon as he broke the news to us, all of us started giving our opinions on his idea. Another of my friend, strangely, was in the favor of this idea. She felt that before the couple even realized that they were in love, they were in a beautiful relationship called friendship. She was of the opinion that Valentine’s Day is celebrated to share love, be it for anyone!

However, I was strongly against the idea. According to me, if a relationship has broken, there is no point in trying to mend it. Yes, if they hadn’t called off their relationship, I would have supported the idea. However, when both of them had taken a decision, it was not wise to try to mend the relationship. Getting Valentine’s Day gifts for her meant that he wanted to mend things with her! However, this was far from true…

Our entire friends group had difference of opinion on this topic. However, considering his broken heart and their friendship, all of us decided to gift her bouquet of flowers. But, the debate is still on! What’s your opinion?

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