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Guru Purnima this year will fall on the 9th of July and so, here we are with some Guru Purnima greetings for the teacher. It is a special day and also a significant one, and hence, it deserves some attention as well as recognition. You can also refer to Guru  Purnima greetings in Marathi for all those who’d like to rather do it in their own language.

We have all grown up, and are Gurus and teachers are most of the times far from us. For everyone who has their Gurus away from them, you could use Guru Purnima greetings ecard, Guru Purnima greeting messages.

However, for those who can go visit their Gurus, you could take along with yourself Guru Purnima greetings card. Or, to make your teachers and gurus feel all the more special you could send them personalized Guru Purnima greetings and wallpapers.

 Guru purnima speech in Hindi 2017

Exclusive Guru purnima status for whatsapp and facebook

You can find Guru Purnima greetings in English, Guru Purnima greetings in Telugu and Guru Purnima greetings in Nepali. Here, have a look at some Guru Purnima greetings 2017 below and use them to send out Guru Purnima greeting cards or Guru Purnima greeting messages.

Guru Purnima Greetings Wallpaper 2017

guru purnima greetings wallpaper

Guru Purnima Greetings Images

guru purnima images

Happy Guru purnima greeting messages for teachers

We have grown because you helped us to,

Ee have succeeded because you taught us too,

We’ve stood up every single time,

Because you were there holding us under your stride.

We are because you are,

Happy Guru  Purnima


Aaj ka din hai kuch khaas,

Kyunki hai aj Guru  Purnima ki raat

Aaj ka din haa Guru on ke naam,

Prarthna mein aur utsav me,

Aaj karnege hm unko yaad


Guru  Purnima ka hai din aya,

aaj chalo kare unka samman,

jo rahe hai humesha,

humare saath me khade;

chalo aaj unka kare gungaan,

aaj hai Guru  Purnima ki shaam


He, the one who enlightens,

and, the one who adores,

He is the one who casts upon us,

His own light for us to shine sky high.

Wishing you a very Happy Guru  Purnima.

Guru purnima greetings in English 2017

Let us all rejoice,

For it’s a day to br proud of the second parents,

And the first guides,

To those who nurtured our knowledge,

And, helped us shine.

Happy Guru  Purnima

Guru purnima greetings in Hindi 2017

Mata pita ne Janam diya hai

Guru  ne diya hai Gyan

In teeno ko Naman Karu me

Ye hi hai mere bhagwan


Guru  bin Gyan

Diya bin baati

Gyan ki roshni

Kabhi na aati!


Mother, father, and, a teacher,

They have through thick and thin,

Stood by your side forever;

While the former are bound by blood,

The latter is bound by love,

A teacher, a Guru,

We find in all three of them!


Love is a feeling,

And working is a compulsion,

Combining the two in perfect amounts,

A Guru was finally born.

A teacher who held us firm,

And a guide who let us home.

You, our Savior,

Wish you a very Happy Guru  Purnima.


Aaj ke din hum karenge pooja,

Leking bhagwan ki nahi,

Par hume bhagwan ke vishwaas aur andhvishwaas ke jaal se bachane wale ki,

Humare Guru  ki, jisne hum seekh di,

Buddhi di, himmat di,

Aur, vo sab kuch diya jiske badaulat hum yaha khade hai.


It is a happy day,

A day to celebrate,

To celebrate that person who brought you in this world,

The person who helped you heal those wounds and scars,

To, the person who has been what none other could be,

Happy Guru  Purnima!


A father is a teacher,

A mother is a teacher,

A friend,

A colleague,

And, a younger kid is a teacher,

All in their own ways!


Kabhi, fir milenge unse,

Aur uss din, yaadein hongi taaze,

Un yaadon ki yaad mein,

Un seekhon ki aad mein,

Chalo aaj sab karte hai gungaan,

Unka, jinhe hum karenge har dam tak yaad,

Aur beyhad samman.


Mata ne mohe Janam diya he

Pita ne pala posa

Guru  Dev se paya mene

Jeene ka tarika aur iss duniya me uthne ka puraskar!


You’ve been a ray of hope under the clouds,

And you’ve been my guide when I was lost,

Had I travelled this journey of life without you,

I would have never stood so tout.

Happy Guru  Purnima


Naiya meri majhdar padi

Use Aakar paar Laga Dena

Guru dev kripa karna itni

Bhavsagar paar Kara dena


Guru dev apki kirpa se

Me padhna likhna Shikh gayi

Apne jo Gyan diya mujhko

Usi se me kamana

Shikh gayi


Let’s not forget those who helped us grow,

And the ones who had our seeds sown,

Let us all take a moment,

To celebrate the unsung heroes of our lives,

The Gurus and everyone who ever helped.


Let us all take a moment and pledge to respect,

And revere,

To never forget and treasure,

The Guru s,

Who have, forever,

Been instrumental in all those accomplishments

We ever did achieve.


Aaaj hai jo itna sunhera,

Yeh hai sirf unke karan jinhone kiya kal mehnat,

Humare aane wale kal ki aad me,

Humare beete hue kal ke mehnat se hai fal juda,

Fal un Guru on ki mehnat ka,

Aur humare mata pita ke seekhon ka!


Some day, some time, we all will look back in time

And thank the teachers, who have played a vital role in our lives,

By bringing out the best with those scoldings,

By giving us all that we ever needed to learn,

And, last but not the least,

Being there for us, even when we never asked.


These were some of the Guru Purnima greetings in English as well as Hindi, however, if you want, you can also find Guru Purnima greetings in Telugu and Guru Purnima greetings in Nepali.

Now let’s watch the message for Guru purnima from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar!

Until then, happy Guru Punima to all the Gurus who have been of help!

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  1. Balaji

    Most of the sites were providing Guru purnima greetings in Hindi only. You were the one providing guru purnima greetings in Hindi written on English. I was badly searching it. Luckily I got it from your site.

  2. Mahima

    I always use to follow sri sri ravi shankar. The video which you shared in this post meant a lot for me! Great one.

  3. Harini

    Finally I would an article to wish my teachers on guru purnima with these awesome greetings. Waiting for that day!

  4. Nikitha

    The greetings that you have shared are really impressive. It would have been even better if it’s shared as an image!

  5. Deepa

    He, the one who enlightens,

    and, the one who adores,

    He is the one who casts upon us,

    His own light for us to shine sky high.

    Wishing you a very Happy Guru Purnima.

    This Guru purnima quote just made my day!


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