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If you’re on a lookout to send the best of greetings on Halloween this year, you’ve landed upon just the right page. We have compiled for you, a couple of Halloween quotes and SMS’ to send people around you. Make sure you make your presence felt with these Halloween messages!

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And of course, you don’t just need costumes and food for the Halloween; you could as well send out spooky messages or prank people in various ways! For now, here’s our list of quotes and SMS’ for Halloween.

It’s time to put on the best costume of yours,

And, go walk on the neighborhood streets,

Asking out loud, for trick or treats!


This Halloween, play the ghost and a spirit on the outside,

But, let the devil inside you die,

And, let those demons go away and somewhere hide!

This Halloween, be bad on the outside,

And good on the inside!


Carve those pumpkins into the best you could do,

And light them up to help them peek a boo;

It’s Halloween after all,

Make sure there’s nothing you miss to do!


To someone with a deadly smile,

And killer looks,

To someone who’s worth fighting for,

And, yet is sweet and soft!

Happy Halloween!


This Halloween, be the loudest,

Look the scariest,

And, sound the most monstrous!

Happy Halloween!


Party in a cemetery,

Have food that is bloody tasty,

Look like a ghost,

For the party tonight,

Let me be your host!

Happy Halloween!


With people stained in blood,

And ghosts free on the roads,

Halloween turns out to be a scary affair,

For it has spirits and goblins walking around like it’s some fair!

Happy Halloween!


Spooky yet cute,

Dreadful yet sweet,

Scary, and yet approachable,

This Halloween,

You’ve turned out to be the best of both worlds!

Happy Halloween!


Be sure to distinguish between the real and the old,

Make sure you don’t end up encountering a real ghost!

It’s Halloween, and well, who knows?

Happy Halloween!


If I’d have to ask you for a date on the Halloween,

Would we go to the graveyard or the cemetery?


Let’s feed the devil

And dance with the monsters,

Let witches be the guest,

And all of us,

Run in a quest!

Happy Halloween!


And the time of the year is here!

It’s time to put on your scariest best,

And take on to the neighborhood!

Go trick or treating,

And, cheer out for Halloween!


Put on a scary outfit,

And change to a deadly avatar,

Scare everyone as they walk by,

And shout out it’s Halloween!


See the unseen,

And hear the unheard,

It’s Halloween night,

See how the moon looks right!


Watch out for those peeps on brooms,

And the men under the masks,

Trick them up or treat them with,

It’s time for a good Halloween!


Shout out Halloween,

Grab thr attention,

And get a treat,

If you get none,

Trick them up!


The night is lit,

And so is the moon,

Let’s go trick or treat,

What are you waiting for?


Let the moon behold your secrets tonight,

And let the dark skies sprinkle some fairytale lights,

How about we add some ghosts, and spirits alike?

Wouldn’t it be more of Halloween kind?

Happy Halloween!


So much to do,

And so much to know,

For now,

Dress yourself up,

And scare everyone you know!

Ask for a trick o treat,

And, wait for the ghosts to speak!

Happy Halloween!


Hope these helped you through! Wishing you a very happy Halloween and to the ghost behind you too!

sanchita jhunjhunwala
Quotes and Poems are authored by Sanchita Jhunjhunwala who is a Mass Media student, from   Mumbai, trying to make a name for herself in this big wide world.
Writing is what she lives for. The definition of her good day would be a couple of good reads, with some coffee in her own personal space. At the end of the day, words are all she wreathes.

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