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Are you looking for a few happy friendship day quotes? How about sending some magnificent friendship day poems and friendship day messages this Friendship Day to your friends?

happy friendship day poems 2017

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Happy friendship day images 2017

Happy friendship day poems 2017

Friendship day Poem 1

Friendship — a gift for life

With a friend like you,

I can make happiness come true,

Easy to live, easy to share,

A friend is there for me to care,

Friendship is a lifelong treasure,

Friends turn even grief into pleasure,

Goodness and positivity prevail all over,

Virtues of benevolence shower all over,

With a friend like you,

There’s won’t be any worries too.

Short Friendship Day Poems 2017

Friendship Day Poem 2

Why need friends?

Why need friends? Because you want to be happy,

So that you can win the battles of life,

Armed with weapons and holding a knife,

You can cut the darkest part,

And make your life the brightest heart.

Why need friends? Because you want to stay positive,

In your life that should be glorious,

Friends can make your days melodious,

You need friends to get over hassles,

If you have friends, there won’t be even any battles. 

Why need friends? Because you want to learn sharing,

With others who mean nothing at first,

But end up being everything in a burst,

Of time and days that seem the cheeriest of all,

Life seems like sumptuous days of spring and fall.

Friendship Day poem that states how to celebrate Friendship day 

Friendship day Poem 3 

Friendship Day: celebrating Friendship Day

Celebrate Friendship Day for having a friend,

But don’t keep making friends just for setting a trend,

A best friend is someone whom you believe,

A best friend is someone who’ll never deceive,

With whom you want to spend your time,

And spending time becomes a sweet chime.

Celebrate Friendship Day as a symbol of bond

The bond that is made by a magical wand,

Of brotherhood and companionship,

So wonderful should be your friendship,

No one should be able to separate you ever,

A best friend should be a companion forever. 

Celebrate Friendship Day for being faithful,

To your companion who to you is dutiful,

Friendship is not only a bond, but a lifetime guarantee,

So don’t ever break it and turn it into a casualty,

Never believe any frauds,

Against a friend who stays with you in all odds.

Happy friendship day Quotes 2017

Friendship Day Quote

“Ting tong! Who is this? The biggest celebration of the year—Friendship Day.”

Friendship Day SMS

“How can you have happiness, fortune, pleasure, and caring all at once? Simple, make a best friend and you’ll have all together.”

Friendship Day Message

“Why should you celebrate Friendship Day besides other days? Because Friendship Day marks the moments of your companionship, caring, sharing, happiness, and brotherhood.”


Friendship Day is the right time to tell your friends how much they mean to you in your life. All their jokes, love, support, and camaraderie will come to life when you send them some loveable friendship day poems, happy friendship day quotes, and friendship day messages this Friendship Day.

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  1. Mala

    The friendship day poem which you have shared is really good! It’s just looks like a song while reading it! Good work 🙂

  2. Mala

    “How can you have happiness, fortune, pleasure, and caring all at once? Simple, make a best friend and you’ll have all together.”
    This is really good one! Great info


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