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Friends are God’s gift to us and we are fortunate enough to have friends who care for us. It is said that friends are the family we get to choose and hence we must choose them wisely. A friend is someone who understands us better than ourselves, and this friendship day what better way to celebrate than sending your besties a nice friendship day sms! They are sure to brighten up your friend’s faces when they see the beautiful happy friendship day sms. Some of the happy friendship day sms. Some of the friendship day SMS are mentioned below!

friendship day sms 2017

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Happy friendship day facts of 2017

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone, type these and send them to all the friends that matter to you:

Happy friendship day SMS 2017

1. Happy Friendship Day SMS

We were strangers at some point, but after you came into my life, my whole life changed! For the better, even if we are separated by distance, I hope our friendship grows stronger by the day.

2. Friendship Day sms for girlfriend

A friend is someone who understands your feeling even when you’re pretending to be different.

3. Best Friendship Day SMS in English

A best friend is someone who-

Accepts as you are, Believes in you, Cheers you when you’re sad, Dreams with you, Elucidate your every doubt, Fills you up with delight and happiness and Grants you forgiveness whenever you do wrong to them and Hopes well for you.

4. Happy Friendship SMS for close friends

A friend will live through all of your major moments in life and will be your partner in crime!

5. Friendship Day SMS For Best Friend

Walking through the dark, a friend will not only hold your hand but will walk with you!

The Trending Online Friendship via social media sites

Online friendship is growing rapidly and people from different continents are connecting via social networks like Facebook and Google Plus. People may not know each other but remain connected no matter what. Such friendship though rampant will never offer the truest essence of friendship, and thus is somewhat bland. But what is an added advantage is that friendship wishes messages can be sent to anyone residing anywhere on the planet.

Happy Friendship Day Poems 2017

Poems are a perfect way to describe the emotional state and to convey something important on an occasion. These friendship day poems convey the message to your dear friend and are one of the best ways to make your friend understand how much he/she is important.

A friend is like a ray of hope; amidst darkness
Shining like an evergreen light
Standing for you even when there’s no one left to fight
A friend is an experience of a lifetime

A friend is someone with whom you can be yourself,
No restraints, no inhibitions to you or your actions
A friend is someone with whom you can be stupid
Your truest self

Hand in hand, we are ready to travel the distance
Hand in hand, we are ready to fight the world
You have me as I have you
I’ll always be lucky to have a friend like you

A friend is like a treasure or gold but can only be found if you dig deep enough as there are fake and false friends out there ready to exploit you. Friendship day chocolates are also a nice way to let your friends know how much they mean to you and serve as a good gift.

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  1. ajai

    It’s a cool collection of friendship day sms! Great to find all at one place

  2. amy

    these poems are pretty good ones! I loved to read them! Fits well for friendship day!


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