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6th August 2017 is going to be a glorious celebration of trust, companionship, loyalty, bond, and camaraderie. You may ask why? Because the day marks one of the happiest and most cherishing moments of the entire year—Friendship Day. Literally, life just can’t be possible without friends. And to show your friends how much their friendship means to you, all you need to do is send your pals some splendid Friendship Day photos along with warm Friendship Day messages.

Need some ideas? We are so excited to help. Here are some amazing Friendship Day Wallpapers with each depicting a blissful Friendship Day message for you.

Happy friendship day HD images 2017

Happy friendship day SMS collection 2017

1. Happy Friendship Day Wallpapers 2017 HD

happy friendship day wallpaper hd 2017

Friendship Day messages—a friend is great when your friendship is new, but he is greater when the friendship is true

Friendship is not just a word that signifies a bond between two people. Rather, it is a commitment that two people commit for life long. If they share good moments, they share bad moments too. If they are together in happiness, they never separate in misery too. If they ask for help from one another, they are ready to give help to each other too. What makes friendship extremely special is the connection that two buddies share with each other. They remain together despite being away from each other at times. And that is the true meaning of friendship.

2. Happy Friendship Day Wallpapers for WhatsApp 2017happy friendship day wallpaper for whatsapp


Friendship Day messages—your friends are your estate

Maybe the purest bond ever, friendship is not based on differentiation of color, status, animal, human, or others. It is an attribute of love, affection, and trust that can be gained by anyone or for anyone, no matter whether it’s an animal or a human being. An animal can be friends with a human and vice versa anytime anywhere, and that friendship can stand through the toughest times without falling apart.

3. Happy Friendship Day wallpapers for Facebook 2017

happy friendship day wallpaper for facebook

Friendship Day messages—a candle just illuminates an entire room, but a real friend lights up your entire life.

Have you remembered that tea time in your college cafeteria with your pals? This Friendship Day Wallpaper brings back the same happy good old memories to one’s mind. Cracking jokes, sharing lunch, copying assignments, and mocking friends are some of the golden moments of one’s friendship that are worth harboring.

4. Happy Friendship Day wallpapers 1080p

happy friendship day wallpaper 1080p

Friendship Day messages—as they say you can grow an old friend only with lots of time.

If you see your life partner as a friend, your life journey is going to be not only full of love, but full of happiness, trust, and good fun. So, go and be friends with your loved ones and share with them your happy moments, your sad moments—all you’ve got.


Shower all your praises and good wishes to your friends this Friendship Day. Pick a Friendship Day message, and send it to your peers. Send them greetings with gorgeous Happy Friendship Day wallpapers. To do it quick, pick one of our Friendship Day photos right now.

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