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Guru Purnima, the festival of paying respect and/or tribute to one’s Gurus on the night of a full moon in the month of June – July. The occasion is highly auspicious as it marks the day of those, who turned out to be one of the building blocks of everyone’s life.

While in its purest meaning, Guru Purnima is praying before the Guru, the one who builds a human being’s relation with God, in the present day, it also has various other significances. This year, Guru Purnima is on the 9th of July, and since the day is inching near, we thought we’d bring to you some happy Guru Purnima Status updates for your social accounts as well as greetings to your Gurus, whoever they might be.

Best happy guru purnima greetings 2017

Best Guru Purnima Speech in Hindi Language

Guru Purnima Status Images

guru purnima status images

happy guru purnima status 2017

Happy Guru Purnima Status for Whatsapp

The first and foremost status needed for the occasion of Guru Purnima is for your facebook and since we all know the importance of putting up a Happy Guru Purnima Status 2017 sheerly for all the love that we have for the teachers and mentors, here are some of Happy Guru Purnima status for whatsapp:



The one who brings light to your dark lives,

Takes you to the right from the wrong,

And, most of all,

Makes you a whole from, empty.

Thank you for being that guru to me,

Wishing you, a very happy Guru Purnima!


I wouldn’t be able to progress,

Had you not pushed,

I wouldn’t have succeeded,

Had you not forced,

I wouldn’t have been where I am,

Had it not been for you!

Wishing you a very happy Guru Purnima!


A guru is what the sun is to the moon,

The sun is never appreciated for the light it gives on itself,

But the moon is always loved for the way it shines through the sun’s light.

Similarly, the guru is never loved for who he is,

But, respected and revered for what he does for the students!

Wishing you a very happy Guru Purnima!


I stand tall today,

Ahead of my failures,

Boasting of my success,

And, enjoying my pride,

All, because of you!

Wishing you a happy Guru Purnima!


You’ve been my inspiration on days I felt low,

And, you’ve helped me achieve my aspirations with all the blows,


What I never realised is how it was you, who had the seeds of my success, sowed.

Happy Guru Purnima to you.


It isn’t just another of those days,

It is a special day,

Dedicated to a special person,

For all the special reasons!

And, I thank you for being my special.

Happy Guru Purnima to you


I have walked miles alone,

But the one’s I walked with your guidance,

Still, keep me from falling!

Thank you for being that unseen angel in my life always,

Happy Guru Purnima!


There are teachers, and there are gurus,

There are preachers, and, there are supporters,

There is you, and then there’s me,

Because of you!

Thank you for being by my side as I walked my own paths,

It wouldn’t’ have happened without!


You brought me energy,

And you have me knowledge,

You taught me to walk,

And also let me fall,

You let me fail,

In order to value my success,

You did not give up,

And not let me give up either.

You, my pillar of success,

And so, you deserve all the respect!

Happy Guru Purnima to you!


Happy Guru Purnima Status for Facebook

And, the next one that requires a Happy Guru Purnima status update is Whatsapp. With all the stories, statuses and of course display pictures that they have to offer, a Happy Guru Purnima Status for Whatsapp is essential of sorts. So, in order to help you out, here we have a list of Happy Guru Purnima Status for Facebook:

Life is too short, but the race to make it big is too long, thank you for being the catalyst for this race! Happy Guru Purnima!

I’ve fallen, and I’ve risen, but it’s you who has watched me up! Happy Guru Purnima to you.

You have been more than a guru to me, you’ve been my support system, and so, I owe you all that I ever can. Happy Guru Purnima!


I haven’t let gone of those moments you pushed me through,

I haven’t forgotten those days where you tried harder than I ever could!

And for all of that, I take this day to wish you!


Parents are God,

And teachers, their best friends,

I see no difference between the two,

So I wish the both of you,

A Happy Guru Purnima!


Black and white, dark and light,

Just like the other isn’t existent without its presence,

I, am not very confident without you being present.

Happy Guru Purnima to you.


Love, and respect,

Devotion and prayers,

A guru is someone,

Who not teaches,

But instills within the student,

All of these characters!


My mantra to success is how you’ve nurtured me and polished my skills,

It is how you’ve helped me fight the storm,

And yet,

Not let me feel lost.

It is, but you, who’d upped my spirits and helped me grow!

Happy Guru Purnima to you.


The full moon is here,

And so is July,

It is now time for me to wish you,

And let your blessings suffice.


Fighting the world was never a problem,

Letting my beast out was never a challenge,

But, controlling myself and knowing where to stop,

It is you who taught me day in and out.


You’ve walked me through,

And pushed me down,

You’ve done all of the so many things,

Never, could I ever thank you enough.

For things, you did and often, did not,

Wishing a very Happy Guru Purnima to you

Here are additional statuses for Guru Purnima


These were some of the Happy Guru Purnima status updates for the year 2017. We hope these turn out to be of good use to you and help you spread all the love you have for your Gurus in your heart. On that note, we wish all the people mentoring anyone in any way, a Happy Guru Purnima!

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