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Holi is on its way, and I hope you are as excited about it as we are. Given our excitement levels, we thought we’d get for you a couple of quotes and wishes to send out on the occasion of Holi.

Diwali and Holi are two festivals which form a major part of the Hindu culture, given their importance and of course, the significance. And so, to make your festival a little special, here are some of the Holi Quotes, SMS and Poems that you can send out to all your loved and dear ones!

Happy guru purnima greetings for your teachers

Spread the colours,

Splash the water,

Holi is here,

And it’s now time to get in all the cheer!


Let go of the past,

And embrace the new;

Forget the hardships,

And, old relationships you should renew.


Tyohaar aya hai aaj ek naya,

Ghar aaj ban gaya hai khushiyon ka aashiyana;

Aaj milkal sab krte hai chalo maze khoob,

Holi hai bhai, aaj chalo sab machete hai dhoom!

Holi ki shubkamnayein!


Holi is here,

And it’s time to bid away all your fears;

Let not the bad overpower the good;

Today, let’s make the best of our moods!

For it’s once in a while that festivities knock our doors;

Let not anyone feel distant, or bored;

It’s time today to make the most of the blessings,

For today, everyone’s going to be together,

The family as well as all the contemporaries!

Play Holi,

And, let everyone be merry!


Show your affection,

And let go of all the dissatisfaction;

Show the lover you bear,

For it is now the time of Festivals,

When all the goodness you share!


Pyaar ka rang failao,

Aaj saara dhoom machao,

Waqt aya hai tyohar ka nirala,

Chalo aj bhar do yeh jag sara!

Holi Ki shubhkamnayen!


Bhagwan dede aapko saari khushiyan,

Koi ho na dukh, or na rahe koi kamiyaan,

Aaya hai tyohar rangon ka,

Assha karte hai yeh rang bhar de ghar baar apka!

Holi ki shubhkamnayen!


May the colours fill your lives with joy,

And may the festivity, bring you all the pleasures you could enjoy.

May you be filled with smiles,

May happiness, never evade your eyes.

Wishing you a very happy holi!


Tyohaar yeh rangon ka aya hai,

Sang apne khusiyaan hazaar laya hai;

Ghar wale aaj mil baat ke din apna yeh banayenge,

Aur saath hi kehl khud bhar pur machayenge;

Hogi jeet sach ki aur haar burai ka,

Iss baar to khub dhoom machegi,

Kyuki tyohar aya hai rangon ka!


Let the red colour fill your life with love,

And the pink with serenity;

Let blue add divinity to your life,

While the green brings growth and merriment;

Let yellow bring goodness to your life,

And, let all these colours together,

Paint your life!

Wishing you a very Happy Holi!


Holika aaj dehan hogi,

Buraiyon ke aaj haar hogi;

Chalo aaj hum krte hai fir sach ka gaan.

Mil baat ke hum banate hai aaj holi ka yeh tyohaar!

Holi ki subhkamnaye!


Accha aur burai,

Sach aur galat,

Sundar aur badsurat,

Safed or kala,

Chalo aaj hum smjhe in sbka bhed,

Karte hai aaj Holika dehan,

Aur samjhte hai inki vishishtha!


Let not anything take over you,

Let the festivity be all over you;

Colours and happiness go together in life,

And today,

Holi has brought both of these for your delight!

Wishing you a very happy holi!


Holi marks the victory,

Victory of truth over false,

And, of the good over eveil;

Holi also,

Marks a day for celebration,

Not just of the above,

But, also of our family and friends,

Whom we love!

Let holi be instrumental in bringing us close,

This Holi,

Lets come together,

And celebrate as a whole!


Happy times are here to stay,

With Holi right here,

It is not just the right time to say

How much we love you,

And how much we care!

Wishing you a Happy Holi!


Aaj ka din hai nirala,

Kyuki rango ka tyohar hai aala;

Pooja karo aur khusiyan bikhrao;

Rango se aaj khoob dhoom machao!

Holi ki shubhkamnayein!

And that was all about the best of Holi poems, quotes and SMS’. Save them up, and make sure to send your regards to everyone on the special occasion. Wishing you all a very Happy Holi well in advance! May the festivities light up your life, and fill colours to your happiness!

sanchita jhunjhunwala
Quotes and Poems are authored by Sanchita Jhunjhunwala who is a Mass Media student, from   Mumbai, trying to make a name for herself in this big wide world.
Writing is what she lives for. The definition of her good day would be a couple of good reads, with some coffee in her own personal space. At the end of the day, words are all she wreathes.

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