By | January 19, 2021

Do you want to make your husband feel special this anniversary? That’s what my thought was this time around… Of late, I have been so pre-occupied with work and family matters that I could hardly concentrate on spending some quality time with my husband. However, the only thing that I had decided upon during these days was to make our wedding anniversary, a special one for him.

With so many ideas flying by my mind, I found it difficult to zero down on any one thought.  Exploring the places that we long-waited to visit topped my list. In this busy life, we hardly find time for our loved ones, leave alone exploring places. So the first thing I did was to make a list of complete places that we wished to visit.

Once my list was done, I checked the ones that were realistic enough to be achieved. I mean, I couldn’t club a destination in the southern part with one at the northern tip, right? So, I decided to club the places that where geographically closer to each other. I took a print of the map and marked the route that we were going to follow, and calculated the number of days that we could spend on this travel.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts To Make Your Partner Feel Loved

After through calculations, and a look at my official leave balance, I decided to plan the trip for 10 days. So, that means, we leave house about 5 days before the big day and then return 5 days later. The next step was to book the tickets, and luckily one of my friends worked for a travel firm. He helped me with all the arrangements for the tickets, and also the hotel bookings.

So, now I had the tickets done, reservations done, and also the entire map chalked out. The next step was to arrange a few handpicked gifts for him so that I can make him feel special during the journey. I looked online for gifts like watch, fragrance, bar accessories, and personalized gift like personalized mugs, posters, Greeting Cards, etc .

Now, that’s what I call really great planning. I have the reservations done, gifts are place, and the entire travel plan is chalked out. What’s next on my list? Well, I need to hit the parlor and get all decked up before we embark this journey of rediscovery of love!

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