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To express the 3 magical words I love you poems are the best way to express your feelings. Cute love you poems can create a romantic environment, wherein you can express your love with short I love you poems. Thus, to ease your work, we have crafted few cute love poems for the one you love!

i love you poems

I love you poems to express your love

Considering the special valentine week, we bring you some cute love poems for the different days of Valentine week. Respecting the 1st day as the Rose Day, here we go with the short romantic poem for Rose Day:

Would you accept my rose?

Would you accept this red rose?
And be a little close
To be together all this time
And I’m sure all our glorious days will chime

The day I first saw you, the cupid of love shot me
Straight in the heart and I was free
Of all boundless tensions that can’t touch me ever
Won’t you be my forever?

Rose Day marks the fortune of relationship and love
It’s almost like our feelings are carried highly by a dove
Of radiance and breezy emotions
There is nothing like these beautiful notions

Rose is fragile and delicate just like you
And that’s why I want to give it to you
It’s an epitome of affection and compassion
And I owe you this day for being my passion

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The Next Cute Love Poem

Ending the Rose day starts the Propose Day.  It’s not easy to propose our Valentine, one always the fear the express the love for the 1st time, and wait to grab the right words and the right situation to propose our valentine. Hence we need to consider propose day quotes or propose day poems to express our love. Hence, is a love poem for the one you love, to dedicate on the propose day:

Will You Be Mine Forever!?!?

Played and studied together,
We became friends forever,
Fooling and regretting,
We spent years with each other!

We moved on as we grew,
Grabbing memories not so few,
We stayed apart a month and knew,
Do I exist myself without you?

You felt the same as I do,
No matter you didn’t make a move,
I take a step ahead to you…
Please be mine for rest of the life,
As we both know I am nothing without you,
And so aren’t you!!!

Proposing is the most fearful step during the initial stages of any relationship, one tries to grab several quotes, phrases or poems to be the right words to propose the valentine. Considering the difficulties of lack of words, we present you another I love you poem to propose your valentine:

Want to propose to you

If you won’t look at me, my heart will weep
If you won’t talk to me, I will not sleep
If you lose trust in me, I will cry
If you get away from me, I’ll die

My life is defined by you
My being is characterized by you
My soul is saved by your presence
My happiness is bloomed by your absence

Can’t you see in my eyes?
How much I loathe our goodbyes?
I think about and talk about you all the time
I know one day we’ll both be just fine

Please don’t go away, I can’t bear
The pain of our separation and feelings that we share
I won’t let you go away
So let me just propose you right now today, Happy Propose Day!

Next Love you poem for the one you love

The end of Propose Day, bring you to the sweet Chocolate Day! To further sweeten your chocolate day, here is another I love you poem, which is dedicated to the Chocolate Day:

Sweeten your way with Chocolate Day

It is not a secret that a chocolate is the way
To send across sweet messages and change someone’s day
Chocolate day is the day to eat all forms of chocolate you can
Mind you! To eat all chocolates you can’t have a plan

It would be magnificent to have a full table
Of all forms of chocolates that there are
Just sample all of them if are really able
To digest all that sweetness if you can reach that far

I hope you are relishing every bit of chocolate if you love it like me
Spring time blossoms everywhere you go precisely where you want them to be
You can buy flowers, candies, and charms
You’ll enjoy after hearing bells and alarms

Some think romance and love are sublime
Although some feel they are a huge waste of time
But Chocolate Day is the sweetest time
And candy prices are for sure a crime

I Love You Poem for Teddy Day

The end of Chocolate Day brings rise to Teddy Day. To enhance the celebrations of Teddy Day, we present you another I love you poem:

My sweet little teddy bear- A special furry friend

You seem to me a little cutie teddy bear
Often I just want to hold you tightly
But sometimes I just don’t tend to care

Every night when I go to bed to sleep
In my bed there is a beloved friend I keep
The friend has fluffy fur and large blue eyes
This is my friend that I know would never tell lies

You seem to me a little cutie teddy bear
Often I just want to hold you tightly
But sometimes I just don’t care

Every morning when I wake
There is this friend’s cozy cuddle I get to take
I bid him bye and give him a sweet hug
And also tug him in so that he’ll be snug.

Another short poem about Love #HugDay

It’s rightly said that, hug is a cure for all the mental illness. To celebrate this super awesome medicine of hug, an entire day is dedicated in the valentine’s week for hug #HugDay! Here we have dedicated a special poem which you can whisper into the ears of your valentine when you hug them:

A hug is something special

A hug is something special
Because it always warms the heart
It welcomes you back home
And it makes it easier for you to part

A hug is something special
Because it is a way to share the happiness
It is a way for pals to say
They love you because you are you

A hug is something special
Because it is meant for everyone for whom you care
From your mother to a friend
And it shows the love you are feeling

A hug is something special
Because it makes everyone feel great
In every language and place
It is always understood

We hope you found the cute love poems romantic, and could use these I love you poems for the one you love!

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