Independence Day of India

15th August has been etched in the history as not just a day, but a movement that brought to India the much-awaited freedom. 15th August 1947 marks the Independence Day of India as a country and as a nation from the British rule. The whole nation celebrates Independence Day by unfurling the National Flag, singing slogans and anthems in reverence of both, the country and the fighters who got us freedom and various other gestures.

Independence Day has significance in the lives of all Indians, and it is in the form of the date, 15th August that we take proud of the country, its people and the leaders.

What people Do

Independence Day is a day which is dedicated totally to the celebration of the end of freedom struggle and to pay tribute to those who lost lives for the country. Therefore, various processions and marches are held all over the country to pay homage to them and also, the flag is hoisted at different places along with the government buildings. It is a mini-festival that takes over the entire nation, and everyone not only takes efforts to do their extra bit to mark the day as a significant one but also makes sure they abide by it.

The President also addresses the nation, and the Prime Minister hoists the flag at the historic red fort in Old Delhi. Such activities are also followed in various schools, institutions, and organizations.

For many, this day is also an occasion to spend quality time with family and loved ones, and simply spend the day leisurely.

Public life

Independence Day, as we all know is a gazetted holiday, and all government offices and institutions remain closed on this day. Local stores and there are such places might as well reduce their ‘open’ timings.

As far as the transport is concerned, we might see a similar count of vehicles as seen on a normal day and the traffic might be a little more than on the normal days. Though a holiday, many programs and celebrations might cause a disruption to the regular moving of vehicles.


It all started in 1857 when the first ever revolt of Sepoy Mutiny happened in Meerut. Gradually, the Indian National Congress took things into its own hands, and similar such political organizations helped make the freedom struggle fruitful, under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. After much revolt and struggle, the powers of colonial were finally transferred to India on 15th August 1947, and it was on the midnight of 14th and 15th August 1947 that India celebrated its freedom.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru went on to be the first prime minister of India and gave his speech on ‘Tryst with the destiny.’ This then gave way to the rise of a new nation and a new morning for India after having faced British rule for over 200 years.

India was now, finally, a free nation!

Ceremony at Red Fort

Last year saw a grand Independence Day celebration at Red Fort, Old Delhi and it all started with Jawaharlal Nehru’s first ever speech on the 15th of August 1947 followed by the hoisting of the National Flag. The speech is followed by the hoisting of the Tricolour, and a tribute is given to the freedom fighters. The national anthem is also sung on this day in remembrance of the struggles and as a gesture of respect and revere.

It was only last year that the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi unfurled the tricolor and India celebrated its 69th Independence Day. Like every year, last year also, we celebrated patriotism and nationalism, but with an added tinge of devotion.

Each state also organizes such an event, where, the Chief Minister hoists the flag followed by a parade.

And that is about the Independence Day! It gives the right feels of a nation which is free, and of a nation which has struggled through suppression. It is, indeed a moment of pride for all the Indians.

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