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The month of August is here, and a feeling of patriotism for the nations automatically sinks in. 15th of August 1947 marks the end of the Indian freedom struggle and the beginning of a free India. Independence Day as we all know is a celebration of not just the freedom from British but also celebrates love for the nation, brotherhood and fraternity among the people of India.

On this auspicious occasion, we all exchange messages, quotes and also plan various ceremonies with the likes of flag hoisting, etc. So here are some quotes on Independence day which, you can share with people on social networking and messages on your phone.

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A nation wreathes emotions of its people,

A nation boasts of the patriotism of its people,

A nation takes pride in the doings of its people,


It is time for its people to salute the Nation.

Let the peace spread to its people,

Let the courage uphold the integrity,

Let the green restore faith and promote fertility,

Let the Independence day bring good,

And take this day to salute the good!

To the thousands of sacrifices,

And the lakhs of deaths;

To the crores of prayers,

And the infinite forfeits;

Here’s to remembering all that they’ve done,

And promising all that we are to do!

Freedom is best deserved,

And sacrifices are best unsaid,


Patriotism is best felt.

With freedom,

And with faith,

With peace and

With truthfulness;

With Pride,

And with fertility,

With strength,

And with neutrality;

Let us all abide by our nation,

And bring for it, an evolution!

For the price we paid for being free,

For the battles we fought for gaining peace,

For the nuisance we caused for our well being,

And for the struggles we did for an Independent dream;

For an independent India,

Here is a happy Independence day!

Don’t forget the struggles,

And don’t ignore the sacrifices;

Don’t demean the souls,

And don’t take freedom for granted!

Let us bring more reforms,

And let us do justice to the heros;

Let Independence day mark a new revolution of not just words,

But of actions!

Freedom is best attained when it is freedom of not just minds, but also of hearts;

Freedom is best boasted when it is freedom of not just words, but of actions;

Freedom in its true sense.

Is of people and souls that were once ripped apart!

It is now the day,

The day when people can rejoice,

Not for freedom,

But for the sacrifices earlier,

That have now brought poise!

Together we stand,

Together we fight,

Together we pledge,

To always,

With each other abide.

The tryst with destiny,

Is no longer a thing to worry,

The sacrifices once made,

Shall now with honour be said!

Independence of mind,

And of heart,

Freedom of soul,

And of words that last;

Patriotism is what always shines apart!

The flag furls high,

And so does all my anticipation,

The dream that was once seen with open eyes,

Is right here,

With the nation free from the invaders’ sight.

Here’s to the 77th Independence Day of the nation!

Struggles done,

Battles fought,

Sacrifices made,

Lives lost,

That is how much it took,

To reach the 77th year of an Independent nation as we currently sought.

This Independence Day,

Let us honour the struggles,

And heal the pains;

Let us pay reverence to the lives lost,

And some accreditation to another year of Independence!

The states shine,

And the languages speak of love,

The castes not just divide,

And the religions have left teachings behind,

Ethnicity is of people and minds,

Festivals are diverse,

And by celebrations, people abide!

That is how India still shines!

Battles lost,

Battles won;

Lives lost,

We gained none;

Sacrifices made,

None honoured;

Struggles faced,

To free the nation!

Don’t forget,

And do not overlook,

Don’t demean,

And do not lessen,

All the struggles that people have once undertaken!

Don’t forget,

And do not overlook,

Don’t humiliate,

And do not diminish,

All the sacrifices that people have once made!

Don’t forget,

And do not overlook.

Lessons on tolerance learn,

Lessons of struggles understood,

Lessons of sacrifices taught,


Lessons of freedom heard!

It is now time to give to ourselves,

Lessons of patriotism,

And lessons of respect,

Lessons of togetherness,

And lessons of a diverse nation!

To an independent country,

And independent souls,

To the lives discreet,

And the patriotism that people behold,

Here is a wish on the 77th Independence Day!

Independence Day boasts of the struggles and of the patriotism,

It respects the sacrifices and the people,

It celebrates not just Independence,

But also loyalty and nationalism!

Happy Independence Day!

Cool enough? Independence Day is a lot about knowing more about India’s past culture, history and traditions and make a note of how you as an individual could contribute in making India better as a nation.

And that I am sure has gotten all your patriotism out! Share this with friends, and on your Social media accounts. This Independence day, let us not just read and wave the national flags, but also make the struggles of all the fighters count!

Happy Independence Day!

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Quotes and Poems are authored by Sanchita Jhunjhunwala who is a Mass Media student, from   Mumbai, trying to make a name for herself in this big wide world.
Writing is what she lives for. The definition of her good day would be a couple of good reads, with some coffee in her own personal space. At the end of the day, words are all she wreathes.

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