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Rakhi is almost here, and all the preparations are in full swing, aren’t they? There are many of us who’d prefer to go for a handmade Rakhi rather than buying those expensive ones which are rather easy to make at a super lower cost. And of course, with all the love we have for our brothers, or for that matter for the girls who get a Rakhi from their Aunt’s, the Bua’s of the family that is. Apart from Rakshabandhan gifts, how beautiful and fancy your Rakhi is, is also a huge concern. Once in a year, your creativity can actually be executed best, once you learn for yourself, How to make a Rakhi!

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This year, Rakhi falls on the 18th of August which isn’t very far anymore and all our excitement levels are for sure at its peak. After all, such festivities always up the spirits and bring in sessions of laughter with family and close relatives!

Making Rakhi’s isn’t any huge task, but how we use our creativity to create something which is simple yet pretty is what this post will help you do. Here are quite some different styles of Rakhi’s you can make for your peeps this time! So if you have been wondering for long as to how to make Rakhi, here is exactly the right place.

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1. Character cutouts with Foam paper for the kids on the block!

Making Rakhi’s for the kids is one of the easiest because a cartoon or a colorful Rakhi is all they wish for you. You could create cut outs of various items such as car, planes, cartoon characters, etc. and use a colorful ribbon for the base.



Here’s all you will have to do:

  1. Cut out the desired shape on a foam paper of your choice.
  2. Having made the cutout, do the detailing with a black (or any other color) sketch pen.
  3. If needed, use normal colorful paper to do the detailing with the help of cut outs.
  4. Having done that, stick the final cut out on a ribbon of any contrasting color.

Tada! You’re done here! I am sure this would be fun to make and at the same time cost effective too!

2. Use motifs for simplicity and elegance



The motifs are available in multiple designs, colors, etc., depending upon your requirement. You’ll as well find them all decked up with golden or silver zaris to give it a rich look. Having bought the motifs, you simply have to stitch the ends to a cord threat or similar such material.

3. With the use of sequins, pearls, etc



To give your Rakhi some shine or a personal touch, you can simply put together some sequins and pearls and similar such material and simply bring them all together through the thread. (the same thread that’d be the base for your Rakhi)

There are holes in the corners of such items which are meant to help them connect together via threads, etc.

4. Embroidery floss



This is one of the most basic and inexpensive Rakhi you can make at home which is otherwise available at higher prices in the market.

  1. All you need is a bundle of any color (your personal favorite) of the embroidery floss and wrap it around a bangle into a bundle.
  2. Having done that, you need to cut the floss at the periphery, meaning around the place when the floss encompasses the bangle in the sides.
  3. Flatten the flower so formed and brushed the sides away with an old brush to give it a rough and unfinished look.
  4. You can as well trim the edges to give it a proper and cleaner look
  5. Stick the flower so formed on the string/base for your Rakhi and decorate it with glitter, beads, stones, (or as you please)

This is one of the simplest Rakhi’s you can make, and it is as well on of the simplest available in the market outside for purchase!

5. Paper Rakhi



This again is one simple yet beautiful Rakhi you can make at home!

  1. On a sheet of paper, draw a circle and cut it out
  2. Throughout the circumference of the circle make fringes with the help of a scissor. (make sure they are of equal length throughout the corners)
  3. Apple a straight line of glue at the center and stick the cord/string for your Rakhi.
  4. With the help of a different colored paper, make a rosette (circular accordion) and stick it on the circle you just made.
  5. Use embellishments of various kinds for added decoration.

And there you go with your Rakhi made purely out of just handmade paper!

One can never have enough of such Indian festivals which are a major part of our culture and are one of the major reasons for all the happiness we feel around our own people. Raksha Bandhan is one such festival which focuses on celebrating the relationship and bonding between brothers and sisters. However, as the current tradition goes, it celebrates family rather than just sibling love!

So get your Rakshabandhan gifts ready, and now that you know How to make Rakhi, your Rakshabandhan 2016 is definitely going to be the best!

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