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A mother is somebody who gives us everything, everything of the little she has. Mothers are our guarding angels and our first love. They deserve more than just one day assigned for Mothers Day, but the second Sunday of May is exclusively reserved for them, though. This one day they deserve all the special treatment and loads of pampering. You may like to read the history as how Mother’s day started to celebrate. right? Click here to read the full details.

So this year, mother’s day is going to fall on the 8th of May, and if there is nothing much you can do, you do need some lovable quotes and cards expressing our love for her, don’t you? Here are a few Happy Mother’s Day Quotes, status, and Cards to tell your mom how special she is for you.

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Happy Mother’s Day Statuses

You do need to update your social media with a Happy Mother’s Day Status right? Neither too long nor too mushy, here is a list of some Happy Mother’s Day status updates which will surely bring a smile on your mothers face 🙂

  1. You are like sunshine to my dark life. You are my Mumma!
  2. To the one person who made us all.
  3. In love at first sight, happy mothers day mom 🙂
  4. I fight, I shout, I hurt you, but all you do is love me in return. 🙂

Mother’s day statuses in Image Format

happy-mothers-day- status update

mothers day


I may be out of your sight, but I am always there in your mind. Had it not been for you, I wouldn’t have been alive. :’)

Mother’s are our forever hero, and father’s the supporting actor. Without the former there won’t ever be a movie called life.

Happy Mother’s Day Quotes

Bring her a nice care and write on it a good Happy Mother’s Day quote or may be just gift her a bouquet of flowers with Happy Mother’s Day Quotes put into it. Sometimes words do make a lot of sense and sometimes giving an expression to your feelings is what makes the day and the moment perfect. So here are some Happy Mother’s Day quotes which shall come in handy to you for further use!

e-card mothers day

One Liner Mother’s Day Quote

She stood by me when I was wrong, and she stood by me when I was right; nothing can beat her at always being by my side. Happy Mother’s Day!

When I was injured, she repaired the wound with love;

When I was hurt, she cured my pain with her love;

In good and bad or happy and sad;

Her love is the answer to all that will be and ever has.


From changing nappies to giving advises,

From feeding food to teaching how to cook,

From young to told,

It is she who has seen me grow!

I might not tell you, but I need you always,

I might not show, but I will love you always,

I might not express, but I will love you always.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Even the best of delicacies won’t match the food you cook,

Even the best of clothes won’t look as good as what you stitch,

Even the best of people won’t match up to how special you are for me.

Happy Mother’s Day Cards

Now another thing you can do is to get a good Happy Mother’s Day Card for your mother and write some nice quote on it and maybe give her a lovely gift along with it. Also, e-cards are pretty much the new trend as well!

happy mothers day card

Wish every Mother a very happy Mother’s day

Wish your mother Happy Mother’s Day in style with this one from the list of mother’s day cards! Simple yet stylish!

For your Mom you will always be a little kid no matter how old you grow. This one from the Mother’s day cards is indeed a childlike beauty, it’s good to feel young once in a while. Make sure your mother smiles after looking at this, though. :’)

Special Mother's Day Cards by Naomi

This mother’s day card is a pretty and elegant one. Indeed, it’s only a mother who is the best experience of our life and continues to be no matter how many other good people happen to us.

Wishing your mother a happy mothers day with a simple e-card is the least you could do for her. Make sure you choose the best 🙂

And that was about some mother’s day quotes, messages, and statuses! Take advantage of them and do the best you can on her special day.

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