Mother’s Day

Mother is a visible God in the world we live. We are blessed to have this God in our life. Mother’s day is celebrated to pay tribute to all the Mothers out there.

History that says how it was started

It was in 1908 that Anna Jarvis created Mother’s Day to be celebrated on the second Sunday of every May. Most of the countries celebrate it on the second Sunday of May, but there are still a series of other dates which have been announced to celebrate Mother’s day.


Anna Jarvis had created Mother’s day as a matter of fact on the day of memorial for her mother, initially, however, her request to make Mother’s Day as a holiday was rejected, soon enough the idea came into effect. However, she soon saw that the day was being commercialized by means of carnations being the flower for the mothers and Hallmark cards which gained enough momentum as they were the initial days.

She protested against the commercializing of the day and the fact that everyone was making it into a profit making date agitated her. Her protests, however, went in vain, and she was also arrested for the same.

Why are Mothers important?

Mothers are important, they aren’t only the life givers and the nurturers, but they are our identity. It is in them our identity, our well-being and our morals reside. A mother is someone who does everything unconditionally and asks nothing in return except some love. This Mother’s day, make sure you make her feel special and do not leave out on a single chance to let her know how important and precious she is to you.

After giving everything to us, mothers have all the rights in the world to be treated and pampered on this one special day.

Things to do for her on this Mother’s Day!

Maybe you could break the tradition you have followed and tried out something new. If every time you visit a particular place, or the celebrations follow a definite ordeal, you could bring a change this time. Don’t just give her a day off, instead enjoy it with her.

Here are a few things you can do this Mother’s day:

1. Make her a video or a photo Album

The video could be anything where all the people close to your mother starting from her mother (if possible) or her daughter/son would say a line or two for her. You could compile it all into a short movie and play it for her with some songs and special moments from her life. She would feel more than  obliged.

About the album, just make a nice simple handmade photo album. That could be a picture collection right from her childhood until her motherhood or just a cluster of pictures from throughout her life.

Both of these would come to her as major throwbacks, and she will surely be more than happy!

2. A mini vacation!

You could take her out on a family picnic or a small vacation of 3-4 days away from the daily life. It could be anywhere near town or around the city or wherever you think she will be her best!

3. Pamper her well!

She could go for a spa session? Or you could offer her a complete beauty session at her favorite parlour! All she needs is your efforts, and her smile shall surely know no bounds thereafter!

4. Cook for her!

Even though you suck at it, give it a try. I am sure she will eat it with all happy faces because nothing is better than your children cooking for you! Or you could also order some food and cook some! A home baked cake or some cookies would be the perfect icing for the cake.

5. Sit down with her!

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By the end of the day when it’s all done, just sit with her and ask her how was her day and what she liked or what she didn’t. Maybe this could be a daily practice for the both of you where you make sure to speak well with her every day! She would be the happiest with your time.

Apart from all these, you may write or send her Mother’s day Quotes and SMS. She would love it.

Get set going now? Mother’s will feel special with our tiniest of efforts, even a tasteless cake or a video would have her smiling through the eyes. What matters is your effort, not the perfection!