By | January 17, 2021

Perfect Wedding Gift for the Wedding Season

I’ve been missing my daily workout and still I’m dropping oodles of weight, sounds wonderful right, however it really is just a by-product of being stressed. Stress is one sucker that can make the impossible possible. I don’t want to whine; however exhaustion comes with its side effects. All I am doing past few months is, attending weddings. It has literally become my job profile, because whenever people ask me to meet them or do something, I am always saying, “Sorry but I have a Mehdi to attend today” or “I have to be at a wedding reception, can we fix for another day” and words to this measure. Perfect Wedding Gift for the Wedding Season make your gift the one that the happy couple loves and remembers

One day it’s a cousins engagement, on the very next a colleagues reception and then followed by yet another close friends mehndi on the very next day. These weddings are a lot of fun, where you get to wear pretty outfits and play dress up, and meet friends and relatives and catch up with everyone, while dancing singing and taking selfies with buddies, but I truly believe there is only an extend to which this fun is actually fun.

Weddings also come with the expectation to be dressed perfectly, and always upbeat and engaging with people how every tired you may be. Also each wedding needs preparation even if you are only a guest attending it, Preparations such as outfits, shoes, jewelry, gifts, co-ordination with friends etc.

Purchasing gifts for multiple weddings, and making sure each gift is unique and yet something that matches your budget, and the bride and groom’s taste, is a tall order to meet specially when it’s the wedding season and there are so many weddings to buy gifts for.

Some ideas that you can use, incase you are saturated:

Jewelry: Incase it is a wedding of a close friend or a family member; you can select a piece of jewelry, such as a gold chain with a pendant or something in silver. You can make a choice that is pocket friendly and at the same time the gift stands the test of time, as precious metals work as a life long investment.

Gift card/ voucher: Incase you don’t know the couple well, then its best to stick to something safe. A gift card allows the couple to make their own choice, yet whatever they choose is really your gift. It is a smart idea where neither party is disappointed.

Home Décor: Incase you are buying a gift for a couple, who have recently bought a new place to themselves, or are redecorating, as they are getting married, you can choose some nice home decor items. You can choose items such as artifacts and show pieces, glassware, or even an idol, which will add to the character of their home and remind them of you whenever they look at it.

Food Hampers: You can purchase a ready hamper with exotic food items, or a coffee/ tea hamper for a friend who is an absolute buff of the beverage. It might be a little quirky and offbeat. It could be your way of showing your friend your commitment to making her shift to a new house comfortable.

Gadgets: When gifting a male friend or a colleague, on his wedding, give him a dose of gizmos. They never get tired of technology. Choose a gadget according to their liking. You can choose a fancy headphone for a music lover or a gaming console for a gaming addict.

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