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Raksha bandhan is round the corner, and preparations of Rakhi’s and gifts for brothers and our younger ones all are ready and pretty much in place, aren’t they? But, isn’t Rakhshabandhan also about a feeling, about some warmth and all the affection in our hearts? Near or far, close or apart, wishes for Rakshabandhan are always close to everyone’s heart. All we wish on this day is our sibling to make us feel special, no matter with expensive gifts or a simple wish.

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To make wishing Rakshabandhan easier for you, here are some quotes and poems to not just make your sibling’s day, but to also make them feel how much you love and mean to them!

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*She is my Sister*

She is the one I can go to when I need help,
Because when in doubt, she becomes my dwell;
She is the one I turn up to for love,
Because when life is tough it is with her I can talk off;
She is the one who scolds me,
She is the one adores me,
She is the one who stands by,
And in me immense faith she implies;
She is my angel,
Because she always keeps me away from danger;
When in doubt, she is the one who clears my mind,
Because what is going on in me, she can always find;
When in doubt,
She helps me clear the bout,
When things go wrong,
She helps me deal with them headstrong;
She is my strength,
She is the medicine to my blisters,
She is my 24*7 hour listener,
She is nobody but my Sister. :’)

*He is my brother*

He is the black to my white,

And the bow to my tie;

He fills the colours in my life,

And for my happiness, he always strife’s.

He is the ink to my pen,

And the ship to my friend;

He brings the joys in my smiles,

And is my life’s worthwhile.

He is the book to my mark,

And the wood to my bark;

He sets everything straight,

And together, good memories we create.

He is the saviour who forever stays,

And the one who will walk me the alley;

He brings life to my life,

His presence brings all that is rife!

 He is nobody by my brother!

*Best days*

To the childhood days,

And the memories that will never fray;

To the unending fights,

And all the things again we never might;

To days that are now blurred,

And when we were free like a bird;

To the times when life was easy,

And happiness was easy peezy;

To the moments of endless laughter,

And all those arguments thereafter;

To the best days of our lives, spent together,

And until our heartbeats permit;

Here’s a wish for you,

For being my forever kin!

Happy Rakshabhandhan!

*The journey from then to now*

From childhood to adulthood,

From barbies to laptops,

From colours to makeup,

From two ponies to messy buns,

From video games to machine guns,

From hitting each other to now holding hands together,

From arguing to now discussing every small thing,

From broken toys to broken hearts,

From you and me, to us;

We have seen it all!

We, together have always made the best sibling pair,

And here,

I wish you on this auspicious day,

To make you feel how you’ve always been my saviour at times of despair!

Happy Rakshabandhan!


To the fights we had,

And the love that followed;

To the endless drama,

And the fun that followed;

To the time when it was us,

And to the togetherness that has,

Ever since followed;

Here is wishing you a very Happy Rakshabandhan!

Sisters care,

Brothers often smear;

Sisters love,

Brothers often make it all tough;

Sisters are the angels,

And brothers are, often the demons;

If Sisters are the skies,

Brothers are the Sun that brightly shines!

A sister is a best friend,

The beats to heart,

And the colours of an art;

They are soul to the body,

And, are our best buddy!

I might have never said,

You might have ever known;

On this occasion of Rakhi,

To express my love to you,

Earlier, which, I’ve never shown!

Here’s wishing you,

A very happy Rakhsh bandhan!

We fight,

We cry,

We live,

We die,

You are the one I know,

Who, will forever be my constant support.

Happy Rakshabandhan to you!

When Dad beat me up,

Your love soothed my scars;

When mom shoved me away,

You became the angel that sway!

When there was no one to go to,

You became my place to have walked up to!

When nothing seemed to work out,

And when I was all alone,

It was you, who taught me,

It is only after rains that the rainbow shone!

Happy Rakshabandhan to you!

Words will fall short,

And days will feel less,

How much you mean to me,

If I ever said!

Here’s wishing you a very Happy Rakshabandhan on this day!

This Rakhi,

I’d take some time out to tell you what you mean to me,

How you’ve been my savior in disguise,

And the guide who always helped me smile,

How you’ve been my go to place,

And how your presence is just enough

To make it all okay!

And these were some quotes and poems you must send into your siblings to let them know their place in your lives, to make them feel the affection in your heart, and, to make them smile through both their eyes as well as hearts!

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Quotes and Poems are authored by Sanchita Jhunjhunwala who is a Mass Media student, from   Mumbai, trying to make a name for herself in this big wide world.
Writing is what she lives for. The definition of her good day would be a couple of good reads, with some coffee in her own personal space. At the end of the day, words are all she wreathes.

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