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Republic Day is not just another day, it is a day when India got its constitution framed, and it is the day when India turned into a country, from a nation. The feeling of belongingness probably just doubles up on a day like 26th January. Here we list down for you a couple of Republic day Poems and Quotes to celebrate not just the constitution, but our nation.

Speech for Guru purnima in Hindi Language

Republic Day Poems and Quotes in Hindi

Since the language Hindi has its own kind of an appeal and feel to the ears, let us first hear some in Hindi.


Ab waqt hai salaam lagane ka,

Tirange ke samne sir thokne ka.

Ab waqt hai un shaheedo ko yaad karne ka,

Unke geeto ko dobara dohrane ka.

Ab waqt hai,

Chabbees January ke jashn banana ka.

Desh ke liye vo lad gaye the,

Azaadi ke liye vo mar gaye the,

Aao hum aaj kuch kar le,

Unke yaado ko salam thok le!

Sadiyo se gulami ki zanjir se bandha bharat anant hua,

Veero ki veerta ka fal udyaman hua,

Angrezo ne hume satta saup di,

Fir zarurat padi desh ke swatantra ki.


Samvidhan ne bharat ko gantantra desh k roop me sthapit kiya,

Tabhi 26 january bana ka yeh mauka hume haasil hua,

Aaj vishwa me sbse bade gantantra ke roop me bharat yeh humara,

Aur tabse hua sirf aur sirf uddhaan humara.

Gantantra divas ki shubhkamnaye!

Aao kare hum sare desh ko salam,

Aaj hai gantatra divas ka paigam,

Aaj hum karenge desh ka gungaan,

Aaj, hai ek din sarv mahan!

Jana gana mana hum aaj gaaye,

Jhande ko hum aaj sarhaye,

Deshvasi hone ka aaj hum sb labh uthaye,

Chalo apne desh ko hum aaj aur mazboot banaye!

15 august aur 26 january,

Yeh do din hai humare liye sarvpare;

Desh ka hum aaj maan badaye,

Chalo aaj ke din desh ka tyohaar manaye!


Un logo k liye yeh garv ki baat hai,

Unke arzoo ki jo aaj yeh saugaat hai,

Kar rahe hai hum unka maan,

Bana rahe hai hum aaj ke maan.


Din ho ya raat ho,

Desh ka tum sada udhaar karo;

Aaj humari azaadi ke jash ka,

Tum aaj aur uddhar karo!


Samvidaan jo aaj bana tha humara,

Desh ko ek naam mila tha jo dobara,

British rule sa azaadi mili thi hume,

Apni khud ki pehchaan mili thi hume.


Republic Day Poems and Quotes in English

Here are some of the quotes and poems in Hindi!

For the emotions and for the patriotism,

For the love and for the pride in the nation,

Here’s to an independent and a Republic nation!

Happy republic day!


To all the sacrifices,

And to the growth,

To the fights we have fought.

And to the battles we’ve won;

To everything that we did,

To conceive this nation,

To those innumberable chances we took,

And to all those efforts the leaders took;

To the constitution,

That abides us,

And to the government that is of us, for us, and by us;

Here’s wishing a Happy Republic Day!


There’s always a story behind every nation,

Ours is full of sacrifices and of glories,

Ours is one that speaks of all the goodness and of anthologies,

Ours is a story with leaders and of battles,

Ours is a story where everyone had together fought.

Ours is a story of the sacrifices made,

Ours is a story of valour and of courage,

Ours is a story to be sung over the ages.

Happy republic day!


Today is a special day,

A day to be remembered today,

And in the ages to come;

Today is a day to take pride in,

Today is a day to hold your head high,

And in our nation, take pride.

Happy republic day!


It is now THE DAY,

The day to be patriotic and take pride in the nation,

The day to feel happy and celebrate the nation,

The day to be free and explore our nation,

The day, to be anything but very proud of the nation.

Happy republic day!



Let your loyalty never be questioned,

Let not your nation ever become and infidelity,

Let not your pride ever go,

And let not your freedom ever go!

Take pride in the nation,

And of the struggles and all the patriotism.

Happy republic day!


These were a couple of poems and quotes on the occasion of Republic Day! Carry the legacy forward and share these with your friends as you take pride in the nation! Wishing you all a very Happy Republic day!

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Quotes and Poems are authored by Sanchita Jhunjhunwala who is a Mass Media student, from   Mumbai, trying to make a name for herself in this big wide world.
Writing is what she lives for. The definition of her good day would be a couple of good reads, with some coffee in her own personal space. At the end of the day, words are all she wreathes.

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