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Hello, Everyone! We welcome you to our festival blog again, wherein we share information about several festivals. We are sure that you have already checked out the Romantic Love Messages – Part I. Now, it is time for Part II. You can enjoy sending these texts to your loved ones via text message or via WhatsApp or by any means of communication that you use.

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Teddy Day

Girls are fond of Teddies, and many boys are too. They look cute and put a smile on our faces. Celebrating this particular day by gifting your loved ones cute teddies is a great idea, but along with the teddies, if you can write short notes to make them feel even more special, it will be great.

We have shared love messages, SMS, Quotes, and Shayaris that you can use. Let’s check out the list of those Teddy day quotes and SMS below.

Happy guru purnima greetings for teachers 2017

Teddy Day Quotes and SMS

  1. A cute teddy bear to my cute baby on a cute event. Happy Teddy Day!!
  2. Softness refers to love. Teddy bear refers to softness. So? Teddy bear refers to love. Happy Teddy Day!
  3. I’m sending you a teddy bear; though, I can’t compete with you in cuteness.
  4. You remain in my heart and in my thoughts. Now wherever I may go, on Teddy Day I want to say that I care more than you know.
  5. I really wish I were a cell in your blood. That would at least make sure that I’d be somewhere in your heart. Happy Teddy Day!
  6. A bedroom without a teddy is almost like a face without a smile.

teddy day

Promise Day

Promise is one of the biggest responsibilities when you make it to someone. Yes, when you promise your loved ones to keep them happy always or anything else, then it is your responsibility to keep that promise for lifetime. Don’t forget to wish your loved one with some of cute and love Promise day quotes and SMS.

We have listed lovely text messages, SMS, and Quotes that you send to your loved one. Let’s check out those romantic promise day text messages.

Promise day quotes and SMS for girlfriend

  1. Winners do not make promises, because they are meant to be broken. Winners make commitments, which are always kept no matter what. Happy Promise Day!
  2. The best promise in the world is the one that is made in the heart, unwritten, silent, unalterable by time, and indestructible by distance.
  3. I promise to you that I will always love you. Be mine forever. Happy Promise Day!
  4. Whenever you come back, you’ll find me because I’ll be waiting for you forever. I promise.
  5. We met due to luck, we talked due to chance, we became pals due to destiny, we’re still friends due to faith, and we’ll be together due to promise.
  6. I promise to be the best of me, to give all of me to you. Would be promise to give me all of you?

promise day

Promise day quotes and SMS for boyfriend

  1. Whenever you feel low, I promise to lift you up. Whenever you need to cry, I promise to keep you smiling. Whenever you want to live, I promise to be your life.
  2. I promise you this—no matter who comes into your life, I’ll love you more than anybody else.
  3. I just promise to love you forever. And forever doesn’t mean today, tomorrow, a year, or a century.
  4. I promise I will be there for you whenever you need me.
  5. Just promise me one thing on this Promise Day that you’ll keep buying me loads of presents forever.
  6. I reach for you in Winter and I reach for you in Summer. But I promise that in heaven that I’ll reach for you with my wings.

Romantic Love Messages for Promise Day

  1. Love is the happiness of the present moment and a promise is the happiness of the future moments. So, this warm note is for you to say that I love you. Happy Promise Day!
  2. You are bright like a star, you are sweet like a rose, and you are cute like a kitten. That’s why, you are everything for me. Happy Promise Day!
  3. All I ever wanted is for someone to care for me, all I ever wanted is for someone to be truthful, all I ever wanted is for someone who will be there for me, and all I ever wanted is for someone like you. Happy Promise Day!
  4. I love you so much more than I thought I could. And I promise you to give you all I have and all I could.
  5. I cannot promise to solve all your problems. But I can promise you that I’ll never let you face any problems at all.
  6. If life is a candle, then I would love to put my hands around you so that you get all the light and I get all the burns. It’s a promise to you.

We are sure that you love these love messages, SMS, quotes, shayaris. You can send these all to your loved ones to make them feel special on these special occasions.

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