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Hello Everyone! We welcome you to our festival blog, wherein we share information about several festivals. During this romantic festival week of Valentine’s Day, for the young energetic romantic couples, we bring you some sweet love heart touching romantic love messages, which you can text your valentine to spice up your days during the Valentine week!

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Romantic Love Messages

So let’s being the next valentine greeting with some love messages on chocolates day, which you can forward to your valentine.

Happy chocolate day quotes & wishes – Part-I

  • What is better than a friend? Simple! A friend with a chocolate! Happy Chocolate Day!
  • Here is one chocolate message for a five-star person in a perk mood with a kitkat time. Happy Chocolate Day!
  • Today’s Chocolate Day! So I choose perk for my pals, daily milk for my love, and mentos for my cool buddies. And at the end, best wishes for all!
  • I wish everything was made of chocolate. Why? Because anything is great and delicious if it’s made of chocolate.
  • Friendship is just like chocolate. It tastes till the very last moment.
  • I bombarded numerous shops to get the best and sweetest chocolate for you. But, then I realized that there’s nothing sweeter than you. Happy Chocolate Day.

messages on chocolates

Romantic Love Messages on Chocolate’s Day – Part II

  • Our life is nothing but a chocolate box. There is one chocolate for each aspect of life. Some are soft, some are crunchy, some are delicious, and some are nutty.
  • Chocolate Day says I Love You so much better and sweeter.
  • Does Heaven mean too many chocolates? If it doesn’t, then I’m not going to heaven.
  • Let me give you the best beauty tip forever. Just grab some chocolate and brace yourself.
  • If I spend a day without you, it is almost a day without chocolate.
  • Who give a damn? Forget love! I’d rather fall in loads of chocolate.

Now let us bring you some more romantic love messages which you can send as valentine greetings to your beautiful valentine on Hug’s Day.

Sweet Love Hug Day SMS – Part I

  • I would like to turn into Octopus on Hug Day, so that I could hug 8 people at once.
  • Here is a hug from me to you who is my love and my soul mate. Happy Hug Day.
  • You are a firefly who makes my day brighter, since there’s nothing better than a friend to share a hug with.
  • Are you alone? I’ll give you company. Do you want to weep? I’ll give you my shoulder. Do you need a hug? I’ll hold you tight. Happy Hug Day.
  • I’ve gotten you a present. It has no cost. It operates with no batteries. It’s extremely personal and fully returnable. You know what it is? It’s a hug to you from me.
  • Talk to me when I cry, care for me when I die, hug me when I cry, and talk to me when I’m bored. Happy Hug Day.

hug day sms

Get More Romantic Hug Day Quotes For Your Lover – Part II

  • Let me hug you and take away all your worries and give all my happiness to you.
  • A hug is an epitome of goodwill and love that prevails all over when two friends and lovers meet. Happy Hug Day.
  • A hug is quite similar to a boomerang. You always get it back immediately.
  • Do you know I’ve got the most precious gift for you? It’s a hug from me. I love you!
  • Although you can’t wrap love in a box, still you can wrap a person in a hug, which makes everybody happy. This is why God presented us with arms.
  • I’m going to hug you more today than I did yesterday, but not quite as much I would tomorrow. Every day is Hug Day for me.

Moving ahead with more romantic love messages, now let us bring you some heart touching sms for Kiss Day, with which you can bring more love in your life.

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Romantic SMS for Kiss Day – Part I

  • What’s life? It’s love. Then what’s love? It’s kissing. Then what’s kissing? Come here, I’ll show you.
  • A kiss is just like happiness. To enjoy it, you need to share it.
  • My different kisses for you: on ear-> for romancing you, on cheek-> for friendship, on shoulder-> for wanting you, on hand-> for adoring you, on lips-> for loving you.
  • A kiss is music of compassion, an autograph of love, and a sign of seduction.
  • The most fantastic silence ever is when two lips meet in a kiss.
  • If a kiss could convey just how much a person loves the other, then my lips would be on your lips forever.

kiss day sms

Romantic Love Quotes for Kiss Day – Part II

  • A kiss is a great trick that is created by nature to cease speech when words don’t mean anything. Happy Kiss Day!
  • Caring for you is my desire, loving you is my passion, pleasing you is my obligation, having you is my privilege, and kissing you is my ardent wish.
  • Do you want to see how important I am? Just kiss me and you’ll find out.
  • Here is the best form of communication: mouth and here is the most articulate word ever: kiss.
  • What’s so great about the French kiss? Here’s what’s great: the French kiss incorporates all the muscles in the face. Such an incredible facial workout!
  • You want to know the secret for staying forever. Just kiss atleast once a day, and you’ll be immortal.

We hope you liked the romantic love messages that we have drafted for you!

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