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Roses are offered to the person we loved the most on St. Valentine’s Day, which initiated in the 14th century. Rose Day is celebrated on February 14th every year. The first day of Valentine week is Rose Day.

Following are the headings of the post:

  • History of Rose Day
  • Funny Roses are Red Poems
  • Meaning of Different Rose Colors
  • Happy Rose Day Pics & Images
  • Rose Day Celebration Ideas

History Of Rose Day

The history of farming of roses dates back to around 35 million years. They have been used for several purposes, like for peace, showing affection, etc. They have been the icon of romance since time immemorial. Red roses were historically been used as the symbol of love since 30 BC (Cleopatra Days). Cleopatra created the carpet of roses to call Antony to her bedroom. Red roses enjoyed great popularity in the Victorian era as people got crazy about such beautiful flowers. The literature geniuses like Shakespeare started using them in their verses and idioms. Since then, they become the romantic symbol.

These days, to ease the celebrations, young generation celebrates the day by sharing Rose Day Pics and setting Rose Day Images as Wallpapers on their screens and moreover to make the things funnier, they share funny roses are red poems with their valentine! 😀

Funny Roses Are Red Poems

Fun makes the celebration more joyful. To make your Rose day more joyful, we have created some small funny roses are red poems, and designed Rose Day Images for them. Here are few of the funny roses are red poems:

rose day poem

poems on rose day

funny roses are red

Rose day poems

Meanings of Different Rose Colors

On Rose day, we share roses of several colours with our friends and Valentine. Sharing the right coloured rose is highly significant, thus, we have got in meanings to various colours of roses:

  • Red Rose – It depicts passion and love, and it represents your true confession of your love. It simply says, “I Love You”.
  • Pink Rose – It is the symbol of pleasant feelings of true love, gratitude and appreciation. It comes in different shades.
  • Yellow Rose – It gives “get well soon” message, and depicts joy and friendship. It is the best way to cheer up your friend. You can easily make someone’s day as they are the great symbol of “Thank You”.
  • White Rose – It stands for peace, purity and spirituality. It shows the association of virtue, unity and purity of love and it is widely given on wedding. They are sometimes, replaced by lavenders and lilies.
  • Lavender – This unique color depicts enchantment, and it has captured several imaginations and hearts, and it symbolizes enchantment.

Happy Rose Day Pics & Images

This heading of “Rose Day Pics” is the reason for drafting the post. To ease the celebrations ideas, the romantic youth would usually share a Rose Day Pic with its valentine and on the counter part; another Rose day image would be shared. Moreover the social networks like Facebook, get flooded with the Rose Day Status. Considering these facts, herein we have got some images for you under the categories of pure “Rose Day Pics & Images”, “Rose Day Status” and “White Rose Images”.

Please click on the images to view in full size and you could download them by right click and “save image as”

Rose Day Pics

rose day

beautiful rose on rose day

Rose Day Wallpapers

rose day pics

Rose Day Status Rose Day wallpaper

When is Rose Day

Rose Day Status

Rose day status

Rose day statuses

rose day status post

White Rose Flower

white rose on rose day

rose day white rose

happy rose day white rose flower

Rose Day Celebration Ideas

Celebrations are always fun, but finding ideas for celebration is a little tedious job. Thus to please you, we have come up with few simple ideas for rose day celebration, apart from sharing Rose Day Pics & setting Rose Day Wallpapers:

  • For your love, it is wise to choose a bunch of fragranced and fresh flowers. Don’t buy bare roses. Even better, you may send roses with some romantic message, quote, greeting or poem.
  • Surprise your Valentine by showering some rose petals over them. Be sure to plan it in advance. Seek the help of your friend and make your plan
  • It would be wonderful if you gift something significant and special along with rose this romantic season, such as earrings, necklace, or a ring. Don’t gift something common. However, it is not important to gift something expensive. You may gift a simple jewelry with beautiful and stunning design to show your love.
  • If you want to gift your boyfriend, you may buy him tickets to adventure trip, sports or some gadget.
  • On a long-distance relationship, you may dedicate a lovely video, eCards, or pictures edited by you to show the memorable moments you both had together.

We hope you enjoyed reading our post and liked our small funny roses are red poems, Rose day Images and Rose Day Status that we have shared with you!

Wish you a very Happy & Romantic Rose Day! :-*

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