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Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February every year, and it is the day of love. Mostly boys and girls or husband and wife celebrate it together by showing their love towards each other.

They show love to each other in various ways; some take their partner to a romantic dinner and present red roses, some spend some quality time with each other the whole day, and there are many who gifts each other. There are many types of gifts that can be presented such as perfumes, necklace, and other stuff depending upon the partner.

There is one more great idea for both male and female to show extreme love towards each other which is by being tattooed. Yes, you can get a tattoo with your partner’s name or something romantic for them.

You can show both the beautiful romantic side and the sexy side of your love by getting various types of tattoos for each other.

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In this blog post, we are breaking the post in two

Amazing Valentines Tattoos

The best thing about tattoos is that no matter whether it is valentine tattoos or normal tattoos, you will have a wide range of variety to choose from. You can get readymade designs and you can even design your own tattoo and get it printed. However, you need to pretty sure about this as if it is a permanent tattoo then it will remain with your all the time. So, if you are sure about your partner then only go for this idea of valentine’s tattoos. Ideas for valentines tattoos:

  • “I love you” or “I love (his/her name)” is the best valentine tattoos one can have. It not only shows your love but also shows your dedication and commitment towards the relationship. If you want to make it unique, you can get it in some another language which will make it stylish and classy.
  • If you think that “I love you” is too mainstream, you can go for some catchy quotes. You will get many quotes with some amazing designs. Since, a quote takes much more space; you can get these valentines tattoos at neck, back or at arm.
  • If text and quotes is not stylish, you can opt for some designs. Designs like heart, rose, cupids are the perfect choice for valentine’s day tattoos.

Romantic Tattoos for Couples

The good thing about valentine tattoos is that you both can have it. Romantic tattoos for the couples are the most romantic things which can be done on the valentine day. There are many beautiful designs available as romantic tattoos for couples.

Ideas for Romantic Tattoos for couples

Two Pieces of heart: Heart is a symbol of love. You both can get half of the heart inked o your body in such a way so that when you bring them together, it makes a complete heart. It depicts that you are incomplete without the other one.

Lock and key: This is yet another beautiful idea for the romantic tattoos for couples. The idea is that one partner gets a lock inked and another gets a key inked. You can get variety of designs and styles for this kind of Valentine’s tattoos

Incomplete Quotes: Another beautiful idea for romantic tattoos for couples is to get incomplete quotes inked. Get the quotes inked in such a way that it either gets completed when you bring both the tattoos together or both are related to each other.

Each other Names: Nothing can be sexier than getting each other’s name linked as romantic tattoos for couples. All you need is to decide a design and the part where you want to get the name inked. These Valentines tattoos not only look beautiful but also show the love for each other.

Sexy Tattoo Ideas for Valentine’s Day

If you want to take your romance to some intimate level on Valentine’s day, you can get some sexy tattoos on some sexy parts of your body to show to your partner. No matter you are a boy or girl, you can always have some great tattoos on some important parts of your body.

Below are such Tattoo ideas:

Temporary Tattoos

One of the most amazing things about valentines tattoos is that you don’t need to get a permanent one. Yes, you thought that right. We are talking about temporary tattoos. The beauty of temporary tattoos is that they look just like permanent tattoos but can be removed after a week or so. Another good thing about them is that if you don’t want to go outside and get inked, you can just order them at Amazon so that you can get it done by yourself. Temporary Tattoos are easy to use. You just need to peel off the sticker and apply it on the part where you want it and it’s done. And if you want to remove it, you can easily remove it by washing or it will get fade away in just a week. Temporary Tattoos is a perfect choice for those who are not sure about their partner but still want to make it special. Temporary Tattoos are available in large range of variety and designs and are easily available, both online and offline.

Glow in the dark temporary tattoos:

The most amazing thing about Glow in the dark temporary tattoos is that they look just like normal in the daylight and the real magic starts when it is dark. Glow in the dark temporary tattoos shines very brightly in dark and gives an amazing feeling. You can even surprise your partner by Glow in the dark temporary tattoos by showing them different tattoo in the day and then different at night. Glow in the dark temporary tattoos shines because of the little amount of radium present in them. Make sure you don’t get addicted to it as Glow in the dark temporary tattoos can also affect your health if used much.

Print your own temporary tattoos

If Glow in the dark temporary tattoos is not your thing, you can print your own temporary tattoos. With so much advancement in technology, you can even print your own temporary tattoos at your home. All you need is a temporary tattoo paper, a design, a printer and you are all set to print your own temporary tattoos. The one advantage with print your own temporary tattoos is that you can print any imaginary design you want.

Rose temporary Tattoos

If there is one thing which describes Valentine’s Day at its best, it is a rose and if it is a red one, it definitely represents love. Rose temporary Tattoos are the perfect choice if you want a tattoo not for only valentine but for rest of the year too. The beauty of Rose temporary Tattoos is that they can be designed in so many beautiful ways that it is almost impossible to choose one. Rose temporary Tattoos can be designed for both men and women.

Temporary Tattoos for Men

It is said that Temporary Tattoos for Men doesn’t exist. However, that is not true. With so many creative minds among us, now we have a large range of Temporary Tattoos for Men available. If you are looking for designs for Temporary Tattoos for Men, you just need to open Amazon and choose.

Temporary Tattoos for Women

Temporary Tattoos for Women are easily available and you can easily get many designs and shapes. There are many ideas available for temporary Tattoos for Women like a rose, a princess, a jasmine flower etc. Tempoary Tattoos for Women can be applied at neck, at waist, at lower back or at shoulder.

This was all about Valentine tattoos. Let us know which one you are going for.


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