Valentines Day

Rose Day Status

Recently in your favorite song you have started substituting yourself and that special person with the actor and actress of that song. Aimlessly you have started looking in the wall for long and that non-stop look at your mobile phones, scrolling the old conversation, downloading every profile picture of that person and above all finding excuses to talk to that person or to talk about that person! Are you the one who is facing similar issues than without any kind of doubts you have fallen in love. Congratulations! But as all the lovers are- you must be nervous and confused about how to move ahead.

Feeling of rejection

Most of the lovers never share their feeling with the one they love as they are scared to be rejected. Somewhere they want to confine with the type of relationship (friendship, neighbors, colleagues or anything) they are with that person as they fear to lose even that simple contact with them too if their confession annoy them. The proverb reads, “Only those could fear to sink who had ever tried to swim.” Simply it indicates that before predicting anything, atleast confess your feeling to that person who knows he/she must be feeling in similar way! I happen to know several couples including my neighbor Mr. Sharma, 65 who had had confessed his feeling to Bhattacharya Aunty when he was 60 and surprisingly aunty accepted immediately as for long 38 years she was waiting for that moment. I was happy for them but at the same time I was wondering if they would have done it long ago then their grandchildren would have been of my age. It is not that chances of rejection is never there but yes atleast you will never regret throughout your life with the term, “if.”

Now the question arises how to approach?

If you are among that confusing lover than things are simpler for you now as Valentine’s Day is approaching! Though it is true that for a lover every day is a Valentine Day but for all those nervous lovers the environment of this special day proves motivational.

14th February- lover’s day or day of love

There are so many stories associated with this day that connects it with love and lovers. Some stories are also associated with this day- few of them are extracted from Bible and rest from the experience of normal life. Whatever the stories are the best part is it adds a day of celebration in the life of those who are in love! Without going into the depth of any stories let us discuss the importance of this day in today’s life.

Love demands no particular day but still the mention of Valentines day is enough to provide the motivation to share that special feeling with the one you love.

If you are among those couples who have already confessed then apart from celebrating the anniversary, first date day etc this day becomes an extra occasion to celebrate.

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Love, love and love everywhere, this is how the environment seems during the golden days of Valentine. People have their own way of celebrating. Surprises, gifts, flowers, Teddy, cards, ring, chocolates and much more, this is what you can expect on this day if you have that someone who has a secret crush on you. Somewhere these gifts reminds me my friend’s verdict-“Love is priceless.” I think she forget to check the price of rose( Rs 50 for a stick rather than Rs 10 or sometimes Rs 80) or bill of those candle light dinners but yes the money spent seems worthier when the other person feels so happy and excited.

The story of two lovers confessing their love just before their death is what said to be behind it but the best part is Mr Valentine have given that excuse to every secret lover where he/she feels comfort and try to break the cage of disguise feeling which he have shown to the whole world. They atleast try to confess their love to those whom they love. Lord Cupid also seems to be in full active mood on this day.

The celebration of Valentine’s Day starts from 7th and lasts till 14st. the whole series includes the journey of being friends, into a relationship and finally break up of dreams for those who do not want to be in the relationship. Sounds funny how a person can decide so quick but it is like that. Let’s get a quick review of these days one by one:

  • Rose Day 7th February– Roses speaks where our tongue fails so start your relationship with the freshness of Rose. Yellow will be a good start if you are confused ad red will be perfect if you are determined.
  • Propose Day 8th February– if the roses are accepted then proposal will be easy to place or else in the other case still you can try your heart out in front of your lover. For easy going people you can take ideas from Bollywood movies or else your own innovative ideas will be always appreciated.
  • Chocolate Day 9th February- if he/she is angry after proposal then sweetness of chocolate can melt all the anger or else if he/she has accepted then start your relationship with the sweetness of chocolate.
  • Teddy Day 10th February- girls love teddy bears and even they love to see their boy friend playing with teddies thinking it to be them. So this teddy day should not be missed.
  • Promise Day 11th February– if you have settle down with the relationship than this is the day when you can promise him/her for all the best set of things.
  • Kiss day 12th February- when the whole things are set than the chemistry will automatically create the scene for kissing. The adventure of this first kiss will be mesmerizing, don’t miss!
  • Hug Day 13th February– it says hugging eradicates distance. The first meeting of two souls starts with hug only.
  • Valentine’s Day 14th February– if things are working fine till now then plan a special day, full of surprises and those special moments which you have always longed for, for your Valentine.

Though love is not restricted to any days but during these days love is in the air so don’t miss the perfume!