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Weddings are a part of all our lives, we are either getting married, helping friends and relatives plan their wedding, or are busy attending a few weddings if not too many every few months, whenever the wedding season is around. Weddings mean good food, good clothes, good people, dancing, having fun, pretty pictures and much more. The one another important aspect of wedding is gifts. While some have started to write on their cards “blessing only”, if it is a friend you still want to get him or her or for that matter the couple a good gift as a gesture of love and wishing them your very best for the new journey that they are going to embark on.


While giving a good gift is a wonderful gesture, understanding what is it that this couple likes or need is another story all together. In this new age where usually both the partners are working and decide to get a apartment for themselves when they get married, the chances are they are looking at doing up the house as well as making joint decisions. What your friend Sunny may have liked earlier as crockery for his bachelor pad may not be the same that he and his wife need for their new home. Dynamics change. Understanding their requirement, needs, wants and their taste as a couple and then making sure no one else is catering to the same need is critical, after all they really don’t need two microwaves and no TV. To make sure these mistakes and stresses are avoided, a gifting registry is a fantastic idea.

Wedding Planning

Wedding registry is essentially a list of things that the couple requires. If they have registered at a store with the list, the guests can contact the store and buy something from the list, of course the store sells that products, and then the store team cuts that item off the list and as and when guests approach the wedding registry store they can choose from the items that remain on the list. Sometimes a wedding planner or the couples closest friend could also be coordinating the list, to make sure there are no repetitions of gifts and the couple gets whatever they want or have listed.

Wedding Wallpapers

Incase you are planning to get married and plan to make a list of things that should be on your wedding registry, here are some ideas.

Critical items: Items you absolutely need should be first on your list, such as refrigerator, television, air conditioner, microwave etc. Chances are until two weeks before the wedding some things are still not bought by any of your friends or relatives. Incase you are moving into your apartment immediately after the wedding, get them off the list and buy it yourself. You don’t want to add to stress when you enter a new house.


Home Decor: Artifacts & show pieces, idols that you like from particular stores you can list them on the registry. amazon has a wide range of bespoke and hand curated options that one can choose from.

Bridal-Wedding- Gift Registry

Other requirements: One can select curtains, bed sheets & duvet covers and various other things they require and place them on the registry along with the appropriate store or website details, where these products are available, so that  your friend or relative can contact the store or website and purchase it easily. This is a good idea, if your gifting registry isn’t registered with a particular place, and a friend or a planner is coordinating it.

Wedding- Gift Registry-2021

Crockery and cutlery: May it be everyday use vessels or the fancy ones needed to entertain, when setting up a house all is required. Even if one doesn’t have a particular preference, when getting glassware stick to something simple, see through normal good quality glass as simplicity always works, and no one will like to pair a yellow glass plate you gifted with a red glass bowl someone else gifted.

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